(WTS) (EU) AT setups, Evolve trucks, motors, hubs, batteries

Evolve AT set - used for cca 500km. In one wheel there is a little bit bigger inner tire, something like 200x50. but it works perfectly normal. 90 eur IMG_20190207_212513

Evolve Super Carve trucks - used, some wear is visible, but nothing too bad. comes with 3 RipTide pivot cups, all original orange bushings, original motor mounts and covers - 90 eur - SOLD IMG_20190306_224238

Cheap ass chinese AT - brand new, comes with two 50T pulleys and two 60T pulleys. they won’t work with evolve super carve trucks, because axle has to be at least 45mm. 90 eur - SOLD IMG_20190204_202628

Haggyboard Bergmeister - brand new, I will include 3d printed pulleys of your choice. You can choose original one from Haggyboard website or @Riako’s for tb218. I am personally using Riako’s pulleys and they are really good. 160 eur - SOLD IMG_20190204_205116

Evolve F1 107mm - used for less than 100km. in pretty good condition. 110 eur - SOLD 3d printed pulleys with SKF bearings that fit on abec core and evolve 10mm axle. bearings are without any screws, they are press fit on evolve setup. 8 eur per piece, 15 eur for both. IMG_20190204_202750

Meepo V1 hubs - hubs with non-replaceable urethane. In good condition, a little bit rusty hanger. Comes with purple nipples bushings. - 50 eur - SOLD IMG_20190203_205205 IMG_20190203_205250

Meepo front trucks with 90mm black wheels - in good condition, with purple nipples bushings - 20 eur - SOLD IMG_20190204_204049

Meepo front trucks and wheels + hubs + purple nipples bushings = 60 eur. - SOLD

Hobbywing ownboard esc with remote - used for less than 50 km. very smooth esc. Comes with 3d printed case with same hole placement as meepo/ownboard/wowgo esc case. 55 eur - SOLD IMG_20190204_204127 IMG_20190204_204203

Loaded Tesseract - in very good shape, edges on the bottom side are sanded a little bit from previous owner - 100 eur IMG_20190305_193746 IMG_20190305_193759

Meepo V1 batteries - one is without bms (physically there is bms, but it burned out, so it was bypassed.) other battery with charge only bms. I have probably around 30 cycles on each battery. cells are something like samsung 20p, not quite good cells. voltage sag is noticeable. good batteries for cheap build. without bms - 25 eur, with bms 35 eur. IMG_20190204_202652

2x KEDA 6364 190kv motors 2kW - each motor is brand new, still in box. 35 eur per motor. both for 65e! more info: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/kd-53-30-high-voltage-brushless-outrunner-190kv.html 51866_1_m IMG_20190204_203124

bestech 12s bms 80A - in NON-working condition - I think something went wrong when I charged battery with unplugged balance connector. There are no visible burn marks on bms, and it always gives around 7V output. 10 eur IMG_20190204_203238

Gullwing Sidewinder II - only one truck, just arm was used a little bit, base plate and hanger new. Comes with stock bushings which are not in photo - 15 eur IMG_20190204_203650

2x Nano remote with 1 receiver - I could not bind old remote with receiver anymore. Receiver flashes light, but nothing. Then I got only new remote, and I still can’t bind them. I’m selling this set as faulty, but who knows, maybe I’m just bad at binding? 20 eur IMG_20190207_213318

nickel strip - 12mm wide, 0.2mm thick. corrosion tested and it is real nickel. 3 eur/meter 20181120_230138

SQ8-S connector - 150A cont, 200A burst. with anti spark. new. 7 eur for a pair IMG_20190127_233452

2x aluminium 20T pulleys for 15mm belt with 10mm bore - 8 eur for both

2x steel 18T pulleys for 12mm belt with 10mm bore - 10 eur for both IMG_20190204_203740

5.5mm bullet connector - 2 eur for 3 pairs

fishpaper - 23x23cm sheet - 2 eur

amass xt60 - 1 eur for a pair

amass xt90-s anti spark - 3 eur for a pair

LED waterproof push button - Green for 10s, blue for 12s - 3 eur each, button and wires

battery % display - 10s and 12s - 5 eur each

battery insulation rings - free with any order

5.5x2.1 charger socket - free with any order

RipTide washers - free with any order

JST 2mm 5 pin and 6 pin cables, male and female - free with any order

JST 2 pin connector - free with any order

samsung 30Q battery - brand new cells, from Nkon eu - 4 eur for cell

12S battery with bestech 80A bms with e-switch - I will build you a battery! I like building batteries and I have spare bms for one more battery. I know I have no battery building reputation here, so my price will be quite cheap and I will post all photos of battery building process in this thread as proof of methods I will use. I will use 0.2mm x 12mm nickel strip (maybe few layers, depends on cells layout), fishpaper between series, insulation rings and connections between series groups will almost always be made with 2 silicone wires. on photos you can see stuff that I will need in battery building process except jst connectors, kapton tape,foam and hot glue. price is 70 eur for bms + 4.80 eur per cell. for example, if you want 12s4p, that will be 70 + 4 * 4.80 = 300.40 eur. on/off switch and charging port included. I can add LED on/off switch for 3 eur and battery % display for 5 eur. - not enough batteries left! order if you are ready to wait two weeks for shipment of new batteries from nkon IMG_20190204_202459 20181122_210143 20181125_200115

I am offering 3d printing service for cheap with any of your order. I have abs, petg and nylon, but I still have to master nylon.

shipping inside EU is from 10 to 20 eur with tracking, depending on weight of package.

paypal preferred


Where were you one week ago? I was looking for the supercarves! (Both a pair brand new) Coincidentially I got Xanex lights too. Could you share the 3D files for the lights mountings?


Where in the eu are you located?

Screenshot_2 @Bjork3n

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Haha yep, forgot to check the profile :joy:

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bump! some prices lowered a little bit and I am ready to negotiate.

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Up! Up! Up! I have to sell some stuff!

I asked if @Tinp123 could make me some 4P packs so I could build a 10S4P battery myself using these battery PCBs. Sure enough he could, the packs came out great and they were decently priced. Also Tin is a very nice guy to deal with. Can definitely recommend!



Love me some battery pron, buuuuut

  • maybe just pass along to place more distance between the welds? I think that spacing them out is recommended


Heres a good example from @Eboosted website,


Your cells seem fine, just spreading awareness that spotwelding as much as possible isnt a good idea


God damn. I could use the Hobbywing ESC and the Nano remote IF i can get them to work. Again Money i don’t really want to give awa, but the prcies are good! (Is the hobbywing the 2 Mode or 3 Mode version?

On @Eboosted batteries, wider space between spots is on second layer of nickel. I am using spot welding guide from member of this forum. @anon64938381 Why do you think there can be too much spot welds? I feel more secure when I put them more than 2 or 3 pairs.

@xsynatic there is no way to connect hobbywing esc with nano remote! You can only use remote which comes with esc, or similar hobbywing remote.

Well, its been shown that increased heat entering the cell from spotwelding isnt great for the cells, so its best to limit the amount of spot welding, and focus on a few cash money welds that will hold your strip just as well as the batteries you have

Additionally I think theres something to be said about spacing out the welds that you make so itll hold better in terms of stress and strain on the welds(sort of talking out of my bum here, but it makes sense in my head :man_shrugging: )

to be clear, I dont think your battery is bad at all. Im just offering my thoughts on it. Its certainly not this beast ( i was gonna post a link but im struggling to find it. )

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Yes you have point about heat, but I do only 2-3-4 welds on each cell at once, and then repeat it after some time. Cells are maybe warm to touch, but not hot. About strain, I am not even sure how could we measure that? My logic was, more welds = better connection

Well, they say that you shouldnt be able to rip your welds off with just your hands

Thats the only good ‘strength check’ I can think of

no no, thats correct. I mean connecting the nano remote to my own receiver.

How about the hobbywing ESC/Remote 2 or 3 speed modes?

3 speed mode. But if you have any esk8 experience, you won’t use 1st and 2nd speed cause there is no point in them :smiley: @anon64938381 yes you are right, but it is not possible to check every weld that way :smiley:

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Bump! Some prices lowered and Loaded Tesseract added!

I’m currently on the fence if i want to order either a 10s4p (or 5p) and/or a 12s4/5/6p from you now or wait until @pjotr47 takes orders again.

Both of you seem to do a great job. Pjotr has a higher Reputation if i may say so, but it could take months i assume until orders are open again.

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Yes, I understand! He builds perfect batteries and I am new battery builder, also I am a little bit slow with building, but I think I have best prices. I will take photos of building process, so you will know every part of your battery :slight_smile:

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