WTS or trade Hugertech Racer

Hey fellow esk8rs! I’ve got a hugertech racer for sale road it about a hundred miles so far and put after market bushings on it and comes with an extra battery remote and charger. Honestly I would prefer to trade it for someone’s abandoned project but ill consider offers! I’m in Boise20190316_134037 . 20190316_134123

What kind of battery is in this thing?

I haven’t cracked into it so i don’t know for sure it says lithium ion on the enclosure.

36v 154 watt hours 4.3 amp hours

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trying to keep your house from bursting in flames again :wink::sweat_smile:

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bumpiddy bump bump

willing to sell for $150?

depends on what your willing to trade including said 150 this board goes 26 mph has a 20 mile range and has a cool app a decent controller and an extra battery 150 is kind of a silly offer by itself no offense you probably just weren’t aware of its epicness.

oh ya not to mention a head light tail light and horn that you can change the sound of

Wait, you wanna trade a perfectly good board for an abandoned DIY?

thats the dream yes

I’ve got a dual hub project that I don’t have the time for, my first ever eskate if you’re interested in reviving it

Fully functional since its my daily ride but she’s in desperate need of attention

Just had to check that quote in case I was rude. All good.


Lol, I’ve never seen you be rude

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sorry im looking for something with at leat 4000 watts of possible power doesn’t necessarily have to have a battery i dont know maybe esc trucks mounts and motors or motors trucks mounts and batteries or motors trucks and haya type deck. something like that. more looking for a good start on decent parts

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Ahh…so that’s what you’re trying to do, I mean I have the parts for something like that but I can’t part with it yet


I most people will low ball you because according to my quick search, huger tech is non existent anymore… Might be wrong though

ya they don’t exist anymore still a great board though I’ve had a blast on it and its been a great introduction to the possible fun an esk8 can provide! RIP hugertech :frowning:

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Haha… that’s why he offered 150 I think… Just expect a lotttt of low offers for this.