(WTS US/CA) Dual motor low rider part out - $999

Just focusing on my pair of pneumies now, these guys shouldn’t be left to gather dust. If enough of the parts are accounted for I will part it out the boards but I’d rather not. I will be happy to answer any questions on source, condition, use, etc

Split shipping for US, buyer pays shipping for Canada and PayPal fee

Harley Quinn - $999

A reasonably powerful borderline ultraboard, low profile and clean looks. I have it geared on the torquey end so this thing RIPS uphill as long as you stay on smooth ground

Motors are a little scuffed from when I was running 90mm wheels and they disagreed with the parking ramps, but they are still perfect on the inside. The mounts are pinned with a M5 bolt all the way to the axle so they will not come loose

Tomiboi will receive a 15% kickback for the value of the deck


Battery Molicel 12s2p P42A
Bearings Zealous Steel
Belt - 320mm HTD5M 15mm
BlueTooth METR Unity
BMS LTT smart 12s 15a
Bushings RipTide 93a Krank barrels
Charger YZPower 50.4v 2a
Deck Tomiboi Prototype 2 Puddin’ Pop
ESC Enertion Conflict-free FocBox Unity
Handle - kayak
Motor mount Dickyho Blue Caliber II long
Motor pulley Dickyho 15T steel
Motors BKB 190kv 6355
Remote FlipSky PWM VX1
Trucks Caliber Raw 10" 50°/44°
Wheel pulley BKB 44T aluminum
Wheels BKB ABEC core 97mm 78a



Length: 38" Weight: 22lbs Speed: 31MPH Range: 23mi

Replacement Parts

(new like) CNC 50/40 or 40/40 baseplates - $50 (light use) Duplicate motor mounts and clamps - $20 (like new) Duplicate 6354 190kv motors - $160 (new) 2x KranK 96a barrels - $5

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oh I catch a couple extra bucks on here? nice :hushed:

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Please buy the things!

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Dual drive low rider complete electric longboard - $1150

This has been my personal board for a short while, I’ve gotten less than 100 miles on it since it was built and it’s still running strong. The only reason I am not keeping it is so I can fund my off-road board. This is a street monster and will outperform and most likely far outlast any pre made you can get for less than $2k

Asking price for the completed board with remote is $1150, shipping is at buyers expense and limited to continental US. Offers will be concidered and pickup can be arranged

Please feel free to ask questions!

Range: 24 miles Speed: 33 MPH Weigh: 22 lbs Length: 38" Slope: 40%

  • Bluetooth ESC and BMS for monitoring and logging data
  • Integrated bamboo deck for increased protection
  • 97mm 78a wheels and 90a/93a bushings for a softer ride
  • Remote with battery feedback and reverse
  • Drop mounted for improved stability
  • 383Wh battery
  • 4500W continuous power output
  • Rear handle for dragging

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Complete board for $1099 or a reasonable offer plus shipping!

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Sick ride, Looks like a nice but smaller take on the Hummie deck but properly(entierley) intergrated deck

How’s she ride with flex/how many ply overall/since Bamboo im in one way surpised it holds together with the hallowness.

Its a great build -pump post. - any link to these decks ?

Thanks dude! There is a little bit of flex, it’s stiffer than a Landyachtz but note flexible than a Sector 9

What happened to this beauty?

Made her pretty and clocked a few more miles…120ish by now? $1000 and I’ll send it your way :wink: