(x4) Zippy 3S 5000mAh, Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-245kv, Enertion VESC, Help please

Hey guys this is my first time building anything electric. Ive done quite a bit of research and according to what I have learnt I came up with this set up to best fit my needs which are:

The build:

Few questions

  1. Can any one please let me know if this build is right for me, considering what I said above? I had a hard time calculating my top speed because every site I used told be something different.
  2. Which would be better, series then parallel or the other way around?
  3. Do I need any type of heat protecters? if so, recommendation?
  4. Recommendation for cheap but efficient charger?

Thank you!

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Hello and welcome …

Let’s have you start here:


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After you figure out how fast you really wanna go …

See here…


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I use this calculator, I prefer this one because it is also telling you the theoretical max current flow in your circuit.

With 4x3S and with the 149kv you will probably go for a 12S. With 12S you get higher Voltage and lower current and as well more rpm out of your 149kv Motor. Especially with the VESC you don’t like to do much more than 50A continuous.

Whats your planned wheel size? (to be added in inch, e.g. 3.27 for 83mm)

Assuming you have a 15/36 transmission and 83mm wheels:

S6 / 22.2 Volt / 2250W / 149KV = 100A = 3308RPM = 13.41 mph / 21.59 kph (without losses) S12 / 44.4 Volt / 2250W / 149KV = 50,6A = 6616PRM = 26.83 mph / 43.17 kph (without losses)

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Keep this shit simple…get complicated later…

And if you wanna build an electric skateboard … You better learn how to solder … This ain’t Legos



Lol no sorrys in eboard building

Just learn…it will put hair on your chest

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the calculator has some problems…for a 260kv motor on 8s it list more than 200 km/h

sounds like you mixed up Hub Teeth and Pulley Teeth

thought so too, but no. i am still getting some ridiculous numbers…

I keep this calculator on my desktop for calculating everything I plan. So far it hasn’t been wrong with any builds I’ve put through it.

@karan.basnet Your motor is rated for 37V, with those batteries you will need to do 6s or 12s, but 12 will kill the motor. With a 6s setup you’re limited to 12mph but will have a 10 mile range running at top speed.

The batteries are a fine choice,but that charger needs to be (Genuine) rather than (copy), but if you get (Genuine) Imax B6, the 50w limit will only allow 2.2A charging, which means two packs will charge in about 2 hours, or charging all four packs with two 6s in parallel will take 4 hours. Those batteries are 1c and can be charged at 5A, so you should look into a 100w charging solution. Slower charging is better for the battery though.

Your motor is your weak spot. If you change batteries to 10s and change motor to 190kv It’ll be 25mph assuming you’re using 83mm wheels, and you can get a sub $100 motor that’ll handle 10s, but if you want 12s go with a higher quality motor. I spent $160 on my first motor to make sure I can’t kill it with voltage. It’s survived two mounts so far but I’m about to upgrade to an R-spec.

18mph with 149kv isn’t a bad start. It’ll have enough torque to rip itself out from under you when you’re already going 10mph and bump the trigger when switching hands. You could use an 18t motor pulley to get up to 22mph but you’ll pull more amps that way.

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Just my 2 Cents. The SK3 6374 motors can handle 12S voltage without an issue - many people use 12S on these motors.

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Huh pretty interesting. This is almost exactly my first build that I just ordered. Except mine is 6s instead of 10s or 12s. Really interested to see how yours goes.

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Why push 44v through a motor that has a max voltage handling of 37… so much for having head room lol

I don’t know where the original 37v came from. I have the same motor and it’s definitely rated at 44… See for yourself:

The spec sheet he posted says the max voltage is 37

I realized that, which is why I said “I don’t know where the original 37v came from” :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’re probably putting the wheel diameter in millimeters instead of inches.

I really wanted to but I live in dorms and they told me its a fire hazard