Xmatic - VESC iOS Bluetooth App

Thank you @twan I’ll be keeping an eye out for this when you release it.

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im not saying… im just saying.


Looks nice. What I miss are the top and bottom values when reached next to the real time values. Not sure how to explain that better. Eskate VESC app does this well. The metr app is also missing this.

I use both these apps on iOS and I like the eSkate VESC app better for this reason only.


ohh yess, I was going to add that later too. Will add for sure!

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I’ve been meaning to look at getting into app development myself. Hadn’t heard of React Native, but it does look like the way to go after a few mins research.


YES! I LOVE THE LAYOUT. That’s looking awesome. If you need a beta tester ;). I’d like to give it a spin. An awesome suggestion would be to have a “lifetime stats” to know total distance ridden. It’s just a nice milestone thing


that is an awesome idea, data from that could help with judging longevity of certain parts and when you should service board.


Would totally buy it from the App Store


looks amazing!!

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Yep im in the progress of adding the life time stats :wink:


Hi @twan ! Looks awesome! I’m still very new to this world of esk8ing but I’ve been playing around with a loaner board that has the METR module in it and my favourite part about the whole mobile thing is that the METR app has apple watch support :slight_smile: I just find it’s so much easier to look at the watch than to pull out my phone. I was wondering if it’s something you have considered


I second, third, fourth, and fifth this idea :wink:


That looks really good :slight_smile:

Would love to see this opensource.

Good job!


Nice , something ackamic and METR lacks in terms of their apps is overall design persay . This looks closer to the other app everyone was excited for but the guy got to busy with. The icons look blurry though, probably just compression. Are you ensuring that there are PNG’s for all screen sizes ?

Edit: I was viewing on a monitor , on phone the icons look awesome

Yes I have considered doing the Apple watch. I probably will work on it after I finalized the current app and add that on. Also planning on maybe adding a future global stats where users can register and submit their overall stats and this will allow users to compare to other people world wide.

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Yep I got all the resolutions on:)

@twan for future developing…

-“Esk8ers near me” (GPS enabled + registered user /map {only while another rider is out riding}). -“Places to SK8 near me” (GPS map of known “good” places to ride).

just tossing it out there…

Im just excited to see what you already got for release. I’ll certainly be adding it to my repertoire. :wink:


You live in Portland? Nice looking app by the way dude. :wink:

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That is great, looking forward to it! One small detail to keep in mind when you get to that stage, the METR app while it does have support for Apple watch does not have an icon you can assign to the watch face. How awesome would it be to be able to assign different stats to different icons of a watch face, have battery in one corner, it can be similar to the way apple watch displays its own battery, speed in mph/km/h in another icon, watt/h in the center etc. Basically allow most stats to be assigned to different watch face icons. Take care and good luck!