XT90-S Antispark Loop key help

Hey guys, so I have become tired of plugging the batteries directly into my VESC, so I have committed to creating an anti spark loop key, but I have a few questions. I made a picture for reference. -Is there any problems I would encounter if I were to do it this way? -Do I buy the XT90, or the XT90-S? -Any links to find some cheap XT90-S or XT90 connectors

appreciate any help!

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Diagram looks good. You need a xt90-s. I’ve got some.

Got a link? Also, will the length of my wiring effect anything?

If your wires are longer than 30cm you’ll risk failures due to ripple current.

And putting the antispark on the negative side is safe?

Yes. It doesn’t matter which side it is but many of us put it on the positive side.

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Ok. Do you have a ling for some cheap xt90-s connectors? I am looking to make my own.

You can try hobbyking. They should have some.

You can make it with these right? https://hobbyking.com/en_us/xt90-s-anti-spark-connector-2pairs-bag.html

Yes, it’s literally just one of those with the terminals bridged.

What he said.

Sorry for being such a noob. One last question. Does it matter whether which sides the wires are soldered on?


No, but it’s advisable to have the connector with the green mark soldered on the board. That’s the one with the resistor. If you lose it it’s game over and hello sparks.

I beg to differ with @RedEagle, since the anti-spark part can fail on rare occasions, it’s better for it to be in the “key” rather than in the board, that way if it ever fails, you can just replace it.

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@MysticalDork is right, use the resistor side as the key. Also, it’s better to do it in the positive leg.

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And you can get them on Amazon too, if you don’t want to wait for hobbyking shipping. https://smile.amazon.com/XT90-S-Connector-housing-Li-poly-Battery/dp/B06XW63S87/

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Ok. Great tips. I ordered some wire and the xt90-S’ thank you all

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Hey bro, why is it better on the positive side?

If it’s in the negative side and you get a short without the loop key the negative side could still active as a ground and them the amps flownon the positive.

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