Yuneec Ego ESC (ECU) problem

Hey there. I have 2 Yuneec Ego. Mine and friends. Both dead.

I have put new ECU (ESC) on mine EGO, but it died in 2 ceconds, so i guess problem was not faulty ECU , but something to do with battery or the motor.

Friends Ego is waterdamaged… It says on the Ego website that it is water resistant… I have ordered new controller for friends board, but i dont wana fry another 100eur for 2 seconds of fun.

Can you guide me on , how can i test motor , battery , and find cause of the problems for both boards?


What happened between the last time it ran and when it stopped working?

Also, by not working you mean that the LED does not turn on or something elae?

Finally get a multimeter and tools. Based on the info you give me I can guide you on which parts to dismantle and inspect.

I have the tools.

First board seems to be water damaged.

Second board, stoped working after i was hitting brakes when driving downhill. Very short hill only 10 meters. After that, i have brought board home, disassembled controller , and was visually inspecting it. It looks good, every thing looks new. I have left it turned on for 1 minute or two, and then i noticed smoke comming from one of the tiny components of the ECU. Looks like transistor for me, 1 mm in diameter , very small.

After it stoped working, i have bought new controller. Connected it , and it died in 2 seconds. Thisnew ECU also gets hot (the same little transistor that has blowed on the first board) in 3 seconds of beeing turned on.

Not sure, if that makes it clear to you ? :slight_smile:

Take the first board apart and dry it out. :grin:

Second one could be multiple things. The BMS could have melted the fets. Open the battery and look at the blue shrink wrap. Check if it has melted on the side opposite the on/off switch.

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So i checked both skates. The one with the water, gives 29.3v . The other gives the 29.25v. Batteries looks beautiful. No signs of melting of corrosion. Looks like new. What next?

That is great news! Batteries are good.

Next, check the ESC (or ECU) It may have water or water damage on it. If you see evidence of water take the board out and clean it thoroughly with alcohol then let it dry.

Ok, i am cleaning ECU on the water damaged board.

What about the second board ? I has no water damage . I was new. I have taken it out of the box, and first ride it on a street. Then i turned down the hill. After hitting brakes, it turned off, and since is not working. I have dismantled this second board, and found no visible burns or damages on ECU. So i have turned it on (siwtch), and just looked at the controller. One of the small parts has burned under my visual inspection. Since, i have bought new ECU.

I have put new ECU onto that board, and the new ecu immediately stopped working, and the same part that has burned on the first ECU has started to get hot on the new one.

On only difference this time, is that on the burned ECU nothing works. And on a new ECU, LED turns on , and the component starts to get hot.

Because of this , i have never turned half dead ecu on again on that board.

Maybe the motor wires are shorted. That would smoke the ESC.

How to test motor wires?

Check resistance between wires and continuity between the mitor wires and the metal of the rotor(ground).

The resistance between the wires should be the same and there should be no continuity between the motor wires and the ground.

Also, if the second yuneec was new why not return it and get another one?

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continuity (beeper thing on multimeter?)

Resistance is 0 between all of 3 wires. No beeping if i touch any wire and the ground.

The motor has sensor - s. What is the deal with the sensors? Can i test them ?

well, i got one new - water damaged. (dealer refused to fix , because its water damage , altho it says in ego faq that it is water proof. second one was new - from a guy . it has no receipt.

I’m wondering if any of you guys have fixed your boards cause that is what has happened to mine I’m wondering if i should buy the new ESC or ECU

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I suggest you buy your own VESC ESC and program it.

Dont forget, you will have to buy remote control with radio receiver and transmitter. You will have to program transmitter and receiver and esc to talk to each other . You will have to make sure, ESC works with yuneec motor.

Its alot of job, but after you will complete it, you will have your own board with powerful electronics and every part of it is your own build, and you will know how to fix later issues.

If ESC brakes, you can always use online fix services. BTW i recommend the 120$ VESC one. You can ebay them or google from germany.

If you will buy new ECU like i did, you might also fry the sh!t out of it, because there is more to it them ECU, also battery charging, battery balancing, motor powering, transmitting…

If you dont want to bother, just ship it to dealer, and pay what he charges. :smiley: should be around 200$

Hello everyone I would appreciate if anyone can tell me the value of the capacitors and the name of the IC that I marked on stock esc. Thanks

Ok, i will check it up later today.

Guys , I found out , that my ESC failed 2 times , because motor H sensors was going shorting circuit. I bought new motor, and every think started to work :smiley:


thank you. Still can not see the ic i mention. If you bend the capacitor a little bit you can see it. Please read it your self instead of sending the picture. It is not possible to read the ic on the picture. best Alpman