2018 Electric Skateboard Convention - #Esk8Con2018

I had some time to think about an electric skateboard convention and incorporate some of the ideas that I’ve had …. So, here are my thoughts….I hope you can amuse me and follow my thought process along. I’ll do my best to keep it concise. (I warn you know, this ain’t short)

In my opinion, electric skateboards are divided in groups…DIY built boards and Production (pre-built) boards, which are divided further by brands i.e. Boosted boards, evolve, acton, inboard etc.…The list seems to get larger every month with a new esk8 company popping up. Although we all Esk8, we are divided by a kind of brand loyalty, which keeps us divided.

Convention Noun 1. A meeting or formal assembly, as of representatives or delegates, for discussion of and action on particular matters of common concern.


Simply. We need to unite. DIY and Production need to be under one flag per se. Sure, everyone involved in Esk8 has got their own angle…but at the end of the day, no matter which Esk8Squad you roll with, we all Just SHRED. And that is what we all have in common. We love esk8. We love it for the ride. We love it for a million other reasons…especially those of us that build them.

As DIYers we take pride in our builds, no matter how crappy it looks…We made them. We love our babies! Our passion for esk8 shows. It shows in how we interact with each other. We take time to explain to complete strangers, how we did what we did. We motivate each other. We have built a virtual community, a DIY Esk8 neighborhood. And the ‘hood’ is getting bigger.

The popularity of Esk8 has grown over the past few years, and seems to be really accelerating in 2017. We’ve seen recently new Kickstarters from our favorite vendors, companies on Shark Tank, a bloom of Chinese manufactures with esk8 offerings. Also, there are more people going the DIY route. But it’s still not common. We are in clusters, pockets of builders and riders spread around the globe. But this is how trends kind of go…Those pockets, become areas, then regions…till it’s everywhere…It sounds like a fad. I don’t think it is.

We’ve seen esk8 touted as the “last mile solution”… How true is that? Do you look at your board and tell yourself, (in a hipster tone) “Esk8 is great. I don’t have to huff it back on foot!” It is so much further from that, for most of us these days. If we could really put a FLUX Capacitor on our boards, we’d ride till the wheels fell off or couldn’t feel our feet anymore.

We are a community of DO’ers. We get it done. “Built. Not Bought.” Someone posted here on the forum one time. I thought to myself, “That is so true.” (of course on varying levels) . We are ambassadors of this hobby. We try to bring people into our squad. So, it make sense that this interest in having a huge shindig, bringing all of esk8 into one parking lot was born on this forum. It’s a great idea. I love it. And it has been on my mind before, but wasn’t sure if it was the right time to open my mouth. I guess this is a good time.

I’d like to again, propose that we have a convention in 2018 that brings in as many aspects of Esk8 in to the fold….My way. LOL…. Here we go….Let me begin by describing in general what I would want to see…I’d like to see all the major players there. Representing their company. All the DIY Esk8 Vendors and other smaller companies involved in esk8 in some way. I want races. I want build competitions. I want guest speakers. I want demo rides. I want group rides. I want it open to the public. I want us to be covered by the news. I want a group picture! Lol

How do we get there?

First, as mentioned above, we need to unite. We need to organize ourselves under one body. We are stronger as squad than as individuals. We as a group need to be recognized. It will help us influence major players to attend our convention. And that in turn will make it a more attractive for other Esk8ers and Noobs to attend. SO, we need to grow it. We build on esk8 as the core foundation. It’s how we all roll. And you know when people see you, they wish they could have their own and roll with you. We are the example, because it’s the coolest thing they’ve ever seen. So, we all must be ambassadors, marketers and even sales people. We need to promote Esk8, so we can promote the group and our convention. Sure, there are boosted and evolve groups and they have their ‘fanboys’. But we can still shred the same path. So, why not just do that? We need to project a sense of community within all the different factions of esk8.

Second, we need to build a team working on all angles of the convention. Date, location, vendors, sponsors, events, event locations, logistics, batteries, hotel, marketing, and costs. We also need a team to constantly promote our Esk8Squad to individuals and groups by any means. Like through social medial, facebook and Instagram and other means such as merchandise. This will increase chances of having an awesome turn out for a convention.

This all takes time and money…and obviously help from anyone of you that is willing to lend a hand in your own way.

As we progress forward we can adjust things to suit our needs as issues arise. But we need to start.

And I’m going to start this thing off by asking each of you to fill out my google form.


It’s a slew of questions. But also, it will show us how we currently stand. Please fill it out even if you will not be attending. I will be adding more updates and ideas on this thread….and use this to talk “out loud”…. This is about as much typing I can do for now…as we progress I will expound on my ideas and provide more detail.


I think it’s about time we unite, compare, and learn from each other. This forum started out as a great resource for the diy community in the sense that there wasn’t much out there at the time and there where a few products that most people wen after (like SK3 motors). Now, the options for motors for example are broad, including hub motors now. On a forum, it’s hard to compare motors for example against eachother. In real life, we test them, and thats one benifit I could see to the community from an event like this.


Thank you for the support @evoheyax means a lot coming from you

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really great idea. would be incredibly fun. hope it will come true!

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I’d be down!


One hell of a motivational speech :point_up_2:

Way to keep this rolling!


I agree thoroughly. I think it would be great to get a large group of us together in somewhere Iike Las Vegas or NYC this year, but I worry if we aim for something so large, as was discussed in the original thread, this year we will be disappointed. Aiming for 2018 for something as large as we are all hoping would be wise to allow for proper planning.

Also, quick question on the questionnaire…on the question about batteries, is 9s more common than 10s? 9s is listed but 10s is not and it seemed a little odd to me.

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OK, good push start @Michaelinvegas ! By organize under one body, you mean form an association org 501c etc? Surely there is something already in place? If not, then who is this Uwe Schall who registered all the esk8.org esk8.info etc? Maybe he is on this forum, speakup?



This sounds awesome. If it’s in Vegas, I can bring my family (Wife and 2 y/o) as it’s hard to leave the kid at this age. We have a timeshare off strip and can probably can get a second “room” (it’s like a one bedroom apartment with living room and kitchen) if a few people (or family) wants to stay there for a small fee of $500 for 7 days. I’ll have to talk to the wife as it’s hers.


my bad it was very late when I made it…

please make you changes now

Totally understandable. I figured knowing the 10s count would be more useful for you than the 9s count…I think I’ve seen maybe 1 or 2 9s builds.

…also, you have email on there twice.

hahah fixed that too hahah

thanks man!

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thank you everyone…

and let me explain my reasoning for choosing Las Vegas over any other destination …

It Vegas. It was made for conventions. Plenty of hotel and Timeshare options (as @Mikenopolis mentioned) all relatively close. Nothing in Las Vegas is FAR. At the most it should take you no more than 30 mins to get to your destination within the city.
There is plenty of parking at any location we stage our events at…Park, University …on the street…No issues Plenty places to explore. Ride from the Stratosphere to Downtown Fremont on the street with minimal street traffic in the day and evenings. (smooth all the way) Huge parking lots.(UNLV has a great one) Parks with paths, we have them in nice large loops. Tons of food options from Fancy to simple.(helps those with tight budgets) if you fly in…Mccarran airport is on the strip. You fly into the middle of Vegas, literally. Almost ZERO rain. We have a n% chance that we will have clear skies. Night rides are safe and fun while street riding. With minimal lighting, just a flash light in hand…you can take a night tour for Downtown Las Vegas…(yeah, I wanna do some sort of ESK8 beer/juice crawl mixed in with a treasure hunt) A lot of people can just drive here. We will be meeting at various spots, and the easiest way is just to drive since can we get to our destination in less than 30 mins. So driving time will be very limited.

These are the main reasons for my suggestion, there probably a few other reasons that I forgot to add.


I think it’s good to plan out for next year as I simply can’t make it this year. At my work we can only have 4 people out on vacation at a time and we pick dates based on seniority so I can’t get any time off on the good holidays and need like 6 months notice at least.

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Yep…and that’s many other people issue as well…lead time is so important on events such as this. Especially, when members are coming from far away…oh…and let me add another reason…

we got stuff to do 24/7…Seriously. So, if you are bringing friends and family with you, they will have a multitude of things to while you are busy with the convention. Hit the pool, shopping, sightseeing and of course gamble (i dont gamble)…and after hours…if you wanna hit a club and do a little group air fist pump to music…you can do that…concerts, shows…hiking, biking, golf…if you wanna shoot over to Pahrump and go see a hooker…Yeah you can do that… It can be as chill or as crazy as you like…a few of you know the later lol

The idea is to have a two or three day event…but Invite all of you to stay longer and bring your friends and fam to Vegas and enjoy it as a true tourist and not as an Esk8er…If this the only Vacation you can take…I wanna make sure that you get the best bang for your buck! I want zero clouds, nice mild temps during the day and at night. (yeah its possible!) I want you to enjoy my adopted city to the max.


*looks for flights to Vegas * Oh dear! *looking for things to sell in the house * *talks to girlfriend about selling a few shoes for a flight ticket to vegas * *she agrees if i´m going to finish her board till then * *love that girl! * See you next year! :monkey:


hahahh…thats funny @TarzanHBK

but hey…Doesn’t “How about a rip to Vegas next summer?” just roll off the tongue really nice?

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nothing like having a partner who enjoys your hobbies (other than the one in bed). I added a handle bar to one and two of my non skating neighbors seems very interested now…the wife still need work


Something like that…and thanks for your suggestion but I think I wanna start something totally new rather try to modify and instroduce a new culture in something already established.

A few months ago I created @Esk8_Squad on Instagram. It was meant to promote Esk8 as a whole, DIY to full production boards by reposting Esk8 Instagram users uploads to the @esk8_squad page. Essentially aggregate all the electric skateboard posts under #esk8squad.

https://www.instagram.com/esk8_squad/ https://mobile.twitter.com/esk8_squad

Also @KlethBane has already acquired www.esk8squad.com for us … it’s not created yet and not linked to our FB page as a temp

So, I’ve been busy posting on @Esk8_Squad when I’m not on here. (some of you are like :open_mouth:)

So, another proposal I suppose…

Be part of the Squad… the #Esk8Squad

You can still divide parts of the #Esk8Squad to each group like Esk8Squad Boostsd, Esk8Squad Evolve , Esk8Squad Carvon. Etc…

I was playing with some designs for shirts that we could all have

Also, over the duration we will need to fund the convention via various means … this is only one part of the revenue stream

OK, that works as well. Definitely need to make a new mark not fix something legacy. esk8.org was just suggested url perhaps available for an 501©(3-6), squad is cooler. Assumed you need an entity at some point if this progresses.