Can’t pair gt2b

I kept on messing up trying to strip the mesh and the shield so it’s now short

Charging port wires

Take a picture of your battery where you soldered and the whole board and the USB charge port.


The controller turns on and green light flashes?

Chargers fine?

Check your adjustment knobs, maybe the trigger isn’t centered?

How did it unbind, don’t they come binded?

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yes green light flashes and charges fine and knobs are good.

Looks to me as if you have soldered the antenna and ground to the wrong pads… ground looks like it’s soldered to the antenna pad, and antenna is soldered to a pad that should be left empty.

I don’t have my own remote here to confirm, but that’s what it looks like to me.

ok will redo and post later although i doubt it will work.

even if it won’t work, at least wires will be back where they belong :sweat_smile:

good luck

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That’s my experience as well. If you buy a remote with receiver you don’t have to bind as it comes plug n play (at least with flipsky). Only had to bind when I got an additional receiver.

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any other reason why the remote isnt working?

maybe post pics of your receiver as well with signal cable connected plus binding plug, just to make sure they’re in the right spots

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is this good?

ok. seems fine. let us know when antenna has been resoldered.

here’s another pic that’ll help you see where to solder antenna/ground

it says switched battery light indicator?? what am i looking for?

where is the antenna?

nevermind that text. here’s a close up… lol

and ground is the mesh shield on the antenna right?

yah 55 chars

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