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Nope. Yours are exclusively for ABEC 11 Flywheels. But there is a way you can completely do away with adapters and just screw the SixShooters directly onto the motor. I’ve been texting Chip about it. :wink:


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Drill then countersink This is all @psychotiller


Lol…hand sanitizer @psychotiller :rofl:

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Oh you noticed that but can’t see that your EXO enclosure was .00005mm off centered?!



That is by the pc, so mystery stains are possible


Well Well Well,

I got fed, drank a cup of coffee and had my evening cigarette. Time to make a post about these coveted torque drives :slight_smile:

About me:

  • 75 kilos all geared up
  • always prefer a soft, carvey and torquey ride vs straight top speed.
  • have 6 month regular long boarding experience before electrics so can push and foot brake at lowish speeds comfortably.
  • i do not have to commute anywhere.This is just for me to cruise about on the beach enjoying the views and the sunsets.

The setup:

  • The carvon TD went on a regular koowheel gen 2 AKA kooboard.
  • My battery is the shitty 154whr 10s2p samsung 22p version because i can travel with 2 of them on planes legally.

Decisions decisions

I am truly blessed to have tried the raptor 1, raptor 2, meepo, evolve, verreal, diy kit etc etc

It basically came down this. I don’t like belt drives. The noise and the drag just annoy me and I don’t get the feeling of long boarding on belt drives.

Hub motors are awesome in terms of coasting, noise and stealth but if the roads are not perfect, you have to deal with a really harsh ride which takes the joy out of the whole thing. Sometimes, it can get so bad my knees would hurt and I am barely over 30. YUCK!!

I had heard of carvon direct drives years ago but availability was scarce so just never got round to it.

All this while, I was riding my koowheel thinking mass_effect_meme__thane_by_royal_tarts-d74f7vb

I finally gave in and decided that a softer real long board wheel ride was worth the noise and drag and finalised a belt drive setup about 3 weeks ago.

Was ready to order all the parts but decided to go to carvons website just out of habit and lo and behold, there they were. 2 torque drives for sale ready to ship. The only other time I have gotten my credit card out this fast was when Qatar airways offered to bump me from economy to business for £200 for a 2x 6 hour flight (was worth every penny).

I am in Barcelona right now but ordered the drives to my UK address because I would have to deal with import taxes and didn’t fancy doing that in spain not knowing the language. Sister took delivery of the drives and overnighted them to me here and that brings us to today.

Before we go further, let me say Jerry has been an absolute gentleman as he forgot to ship me the 9 pin connector to vesc connectors and sorted it out immediately. I won’t be building these TDs with a Vesc for atleast another 6 weeks until I am back in the UK so its all good.

Getting ready

Spent half an hour this morning swapping the rears on my kooboard but it was 32 degrees Celsius in the afternoon so waited till the evening to go on the board although I was riding from the kitchen to the bedroom in the house with much amusement.

Why 107s and not 97s

This questions seems to have come up a lot so here are the main reasons

  • I am pretty light at 75 kilos ~ 165 pounds
  • I never felt like the koowheel has slow acceleration or braking so I was more than willing to sacrifice a little on both of those to get even bigger wheels and more thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane
  • If I am gonna spend £100+ on wheels anyways, I am going for the biggest baddest thane money can buy
  • Backfire have just released their g2s which has hub sleeves of 83mm and 96mm on the same hub motor and they seem to do fine. Going from 83 to 96 is a bigger jump than 97 to 107
  • If i didnt like the 107s, I can sell them and get the 97s. Abec 11s hold their value no problem

Ride quality

Let me just start off by saying. There is no substitute for thane. My landyacthz dinghy with 63mm soft real wheels has a plushier ride that the harsh 97mm 85a hub motor ride. go figure


The ride quality is orders of magnitude better compared the 97mm hub motors. If the hub motors were a 4/10, this is a 9/10. I imagine the only thing better than this would be pnuemetics and a flexy deck.

You know the “thud” “thud” “thud” you get on riding pavements like this Capture4


What was unbearable before is more than doable now and what was just bearable before has suddenly turned into a smooth ride.

I could not believe the difference in ride quality and the coasting ability of direct drives makes it feel like the good old days of long boarding without needing to push. I was in absolute heaven and swear to god, I randomly screamed out




a few times on the beach today much to peoples amusement.


Like I mentioned before, I never thought the koowheel was lacking performance. @longhairedboy is on record saying multiple times how hes impressed with the performance of the koowheel for its price point except the lack of thane :slight_smile: Well, thats fixed now.

Let me show you the same hill from three angles so you get an idea of its incline Capture2CaptureCapture3

@LEVer The TDs with 107s had zero problems taking me up the hill and braking me to snails pace downhill. Was there a slight decrease in acceleration and braking power? sure but I will take the extra 5mm of thane, thank you very much

The mid acceleration seems to have improved with the bigger wheels and the top speed would be higher too I imagine.

Thoughts on the carvon exo

Today’s ride got me thinking about the carvon exo. I spend £500 for my koowheel, another £120 for a spare battery and around £500 for the torque drives bringing a total well in excess of the exo price which includes a legit landyachtz deck and 10s3p samsung 30q batteries. Thats gotta be where the smart money goes.

I know people snickered at the koowheel parts but I would chuckle inside whenever I heard people complain because I knew how good koowheel actually was. The ESC on this thing is as smooth as they come. Nothing abrupt and no dropped connections. I would buy one without hesitation if I didn’t have to go through airport security regularly :frowning:

Closing remarks

I try to not get too bogged down with specifications. I prefer iphones to androids if that makes any sense. I get on this thing, its smooth as fuck and I feel like I am longboarding on a beautiful beach. Other than that, I don’t really give a shit :slight_smile:

If you get a chance to grab one, you could do a lot worse that buying these. If you got any more questions, ask away. Hopefully this post was insightful.


Hmm…knowing you’re OCD, it’s probably there for you haha :joy:

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great write up, this could be a post all on its own, i’m sure someone getting into these drives will find it very useful.



Thanks for taking the time to post, really appreciate this. I know I should be the one to write stuffs like this and let people know how great riding CARVON is, but just really couldn’t find the time cause of machining and building. Thanks again.


Its the least I can do. It really is a whole different experience. I just have one one more thing to do to make this setup perfect

It involves a dropdown deck :wink: and putting two of the koowheel batteries in parallel for 10s4p 8.6ah. Then you folks might never hear from me again cos I will be in bliss :slight_smile:


Okay guys, more updates. I want to start by saying that all pending orders will be shipped as-ordered, unless you want to change to the latest and available version. This is being done to streamline production and get your orders shipped quickly.

  1. SpeedDrive XL will be discontinued. We will be shipping the pending orders but after that, we will not build them anymore.

  2. We will sell the V4 TorqueDrive by itself, but not the V4 SpeedDrive. All V4SD builds (which will be the Racing version only from now on) will go to complete boards only. We will have a Group Buy of the V4TD very soon.

  3. The EVO 2WD will now only have the 36" Evo Falcon deck and 90mm Kegel-core wheels. There will be no more EVO 2WD with 39" Evo deck and no more EVO 2WD with SpeedDrive XL motors. We will ship the pending as-ordered and the old specs are still up on the website for reference.

By doing this, we hope to work and build faster. Thanks.


@LEVer I appreciate the updates. I am really looking forward to riding my EVO.

@mutantbass Thank you for your comprehensive write-up on Carvon direct drives with 107s. That looks like a beautiful place to ride.


Good news guys, I got 5 XL hangers reportedly done. May have 10 by tomorrow. Gonna go pick it up tomorrow along with more EXO Pro battery packs and enclosure. Then will assemble and ship out before the week ends. Hopefully I get all 10 sets.


is anyone here who have a comparison about the 97 abec 11 74a black and the 107 abec 11 74a black?

here’s a little cheat sheet I made when I was soldering mine up…



Thanks for that cheat sheet @mmaner you have a v4 td…?? are you finding them and what are you running them on…if you could shed some light on them also be wonderful not much on them as of yet…only couple ppl got lucky and got a drive so far … thanks alot

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I’ve had the Carvon v4 TD’s for months but am just now getting around to building this board. I’ve had battery then vesc problems, then vacation, then taking my kid back to school half way across the country…so be a little busy :). As soon as I get the rest of my hummie deck parts ill have this thing built and will post a build thread.


Thank you sir…looking forward to reading it cheers…life prioritys are so over rated …also this thing called WORK too…


The post on the indiegogo page (3 November) said that the board would come with shredlights. Is it still the case?

Yes, @LEVer confirmed it a couple of days ago.

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