Clone Evo | Landyachtz Evo Falcon | ABEC 107mm | 13s5p | Top Mount FocBox | SK3 6374 | Metr Pro

Inspired by @Deckoz ‘Master Evo’ ‘Clone’ makes sense

Starting my build thread to help me keep track of the last parts - attempting to wait until I have everything in one big exquisite pile :sunglasses:

Waiting for the enclosure but looks like a 13s5p is possible :smile:

the lovely red FocBox case is going on top



13s5p fits without focboxes in there :open_mouth:

This build is gonna be freaking awesome dude. If you can’t figure out a charger leme know I’ll find my links for charger and bms. I used


:mag_right: watching :smiley:


I was hoping 5p will fit - I ordered enough :slight_smile:

I tried ordering the same charger but only ships US

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Another sweet evo build. Gonna follow this one :smile:



I ordered similar charger but I’m having trouble finding a female for the connector and too bulky for my liking - you replace yours right? could’nt tell from the pics what you changed it to :slight_smile:

Guys enough of Red Evo’s I wanted to be alone :frowning: You even taken same red focbox case :frowning:

Joking Joking :smiley: Nice Project Keep it up

BTW did you ordered the case because there is no more available :slight_smile:


thanks and I didn’t even consider it until I saw your Mark 48 build :slight_smile:

yes, I forgot all about it until I was on holiday - ordered on bus on route to Corfu Town lol

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Hey there.

I ordered a two pin SP13 2 Pin Aviation connector, that included male and female sides, it is 13mm in diameter so not much bigger then the 9mm diameter DC plugs.

I haven’t received it yet, but have used SP13 connectors in the past for other projects. I don’t plan on cutting my chargers, just making a 3-5" hot plug with the new end, incase I ever sell the chargers.


Progress: Foc Box Case

Foc Box enclosure arrived, looks great and quality is excellent - more than happy with it :slight_smile: @Kug3lis Now where to mount? always imagined it mid board, and I think it looks cool there

practicality would dictate something a little more ‘near the motors’

not sure about there will have to see how it looks with trucks.

Progress: Battery

Spot Welder arrived and built, decided on a lipo rather than car battery

all plugged in and working :slight_smile:

ready to test and uhhhhh new battery and I have nothing to charge it here lol

looks cool though


Maybe rotating the box 90 degrees on the tail. Only have to do some neat cable management to make it look slick…


I think it not being symmetrical would drive me nuts will try it see how it looks;

You should had bought the mounting plate and mount it on the back :slight_smile: I will do the same on my evo

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Didn’t even see there was a red one! Ordered thanks :slight_smile:

when you’re done could you get dimensions of your battery?

looking at the same Deck and Enclosure setup and was curious if it’d fit Dual Foc’s and 10s5p flat pack

@chris.hunt will do , should be getting the enc. very soon


  • Some test welds… image

  • mock-up 5P group using old cells (spot welded fuse wire - will be adding shrink round the wires) image

  • first attempt at mounting :slight_smile: image

  • setting up focboxes using can bus and configured Metr Pro (can bus) image

  • mounting in foccase (waiting on the mount) image

  • need to think about how to mount Metr and Receiver, going to try internal to case image

  • both motors spinning and Metr working fine, really starting to take shape :sunglasses: image


Be careful with Y splitter and CAN bus I burned one of my FocBox when one XT90 got disconnected…

Use ziptie two tie in between the wires to not let them disconnect without removing zip tie :slight_smile:

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I actually have an unused 13s charger if @sk8l8r you want to pick it up on the cheap!

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I did read this when I started debugging things, I must admit that if I’d not read those horror stories I would have def. tried one box on and the other without power and the CAN bus connected.

I found @Deckoz video on canbus setup really helpful, oddly I had all those settings right but never occurred to me that my remote binding/Metr connect issues were due to having the USB port connected! I didn’t see this anywhere else.

@JohnTakesPhotos I have one on order but thanks :slight_smile:


I have been using one receiver pr. Focbox on my dual drive for over a year now, without any problems. The only thing the two focboxes share, is main plus/minus. I like the redundancy of that setup. If one receiver/focbox fails, i stil have one working , and can brake. With one receiver and can bus shit, if one fucks Up, you are without brakes and maybe both focboxes will get killd

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