Dickyho 5M 36T / 40T flywheel pulleys on ebay

Curious as to why you stock 15mm motor pulleys, but only 12mm wheel pulleys.

I own one of your 12mm wheel pulleys and it is definitely top-notch, but driving a single 6374 motor at speed in heavy traffic in SF, I feel safer on 15mm.

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Those don’t say steel, which means they are assumed to be aluminum…

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For motor pulleys it dosnt matter as much if you have an extra 3mm overhang. With wheel pulleys you have to love the mount back that much and some people don’t have the space. So it’s easier only to carry one sku and have it 15mm

I found these wide bearings on aliexpress.

10mm wide with steal shields


11mm wide with rubber shields



Thank you for these links! That 11mm one comes in lots of TEN pieces in case anyone wondered why they are so expensive.


@Janosh Ask, and ye shall receive.

These are Evolve Supercarve rear trucks with three 10mm speed washers, two 8mm speed washers, one 10.25mm spacer, three 6900ZZ bearings, two 608 bearings (skateboard bearings), one @dickyho 40T 17mm pulley above, one ABEC11 Superfly wheel, and one MMSC-63-50-A-R motor mount from @marcmt88

These actually fit better on the Supercarve trucks than on the @torqueboards 218 trucks, but they work on both. It just depends if you want reverse kingpin or double kingpin…

I would also recommend the 6900-2RS bearings instead of the 6900ZZ ones but that’s what I had here.


woa, so many bearings! You could loose three and still have a functional wheel.

One of the 10mm bearings is because I didn’t have a 6mm spacer. Ideally, the middle one would be a spacer…

Two bearings in the wheel and two in the pulley…


Great, THX.

will you ever make high teeth pulleys?

44T pulleys would be fantastic

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if more, people need 44T pulley, I can produce it.

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I have 40T 12mm now!


This actually works even better. This is ideal. 40T @dickyho pulley, Evole Supercarve rear truck, Superfly wheel, 2 608 skate bearings, 2 6900-2RS bearings, 3 10mm speed washers, 2 8mm speed washers, 5 copper compression washers, 10mm ID 16mm OD 1mm thick, and will fit a @marcmt88 mount perfectly with 10mm between the pulley and the motor mount clamp


You actually don’t even need the retainer ring. This works so well that, as long as you have some kick-ass threadlocker, the bolts don’t need to pull on the pulley, just keep it from rotating in the wheel. If the threads went all the way to the bolthead, you could turn the bolts around the other direction… and even take the wheel on and off without messing with the pulley or belt…


Pulleys arrrived and very nicely machined they are too,thank you @dickyho

Mounting & sizing: I have 107s to mount,with bearings and pulley installed I observed a depth of 31mm fromthe pulley face to the bearing face.

My hanger options are a choice of TB 218mm hanger, or a regular Calber II hanger: that being the default esk8 hanger if there is one(Iknow…arguments).

Anyways, I did buy 2 of the 608/10ZZ bearings as well, four would have been better, as you can definitely 2+ of them in each wheel.

My Caliber axle protrudes 37mm, theTB axle shows 47mm.

Neither hanger unsurprisingly will sink into the pulley hole which is 22mm ID. Neither hanger will protrude the axle due to this.

So a caliber shaped hanger needs modification order to get back some of the 31mm depth of the pulley off the bearing.

My opinion would be to make the hole wider at the top,it’s about 22mm deep and 22mm diameter, suggest to take the pain of modifying the TB hanger by increasing this diameter to 24mm,but only do this for the first 17mm, then for the last 5mm leave at 22mm, this will allow one of those special bearing to sit inside after the hanger giving some load bearing.

Let’s not forget the wheel is already running on 2 bearings,I don’t believe there is a huge reason to be so overbearing :wink:

Maybe if that was done and give the option or include a sleeve to restore the same dimensions as the current pulley i.e.metal spacer(sleeve) 1mm thick wall: 22mmX24mmX17mm

Ps: I used 60mm M5 bolts to get the necessary reach, not sure of the included ones but they were not long enough

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5 minutes with a file


On it as we type chief

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I got some super-thin 0.2mm thick speedrings also to save on axle length

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I would buy 44T.

My 36T and 40T arrived today! Looking great and the bearings fit perfect inside.