Dickyho 5M 36T / 40T flywheel pulleys on ebay

I’ve got a couple coming in if you want them. I was gonna use them in MBS wheels but ended up using them on my carvons instead

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Awesome @mmaner, thank you!

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Ain’t no.problem brudda.

The 36T 12mm you have on eBay right now, have already solved the issues? I mean if you have added the lip and make the hole bigger to be able to use it with Calibers.


@dickyho I ordered up 2 sets, please make sure they are 22mm bore I want to put a skate bearing in there

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These are @dickyho’s 40T pulleys on a @torqueboards TB218 hanger with 4 bearings – 2 in the wheel and two in the pulley. It’s a @marcmt88 mount and an ABEC11 wheel. The axle would be too short if it was 1mm shorter, but it works as-is.

They also fit even better on the Evole Supercarve GT trucks but I don’t have that here handy to photograph. In that case, the two outer bearings are 608 skate bearings and the inner two are 6900Z instead of 608


So what are your overall impressions?

I mean they work on the TB218 RKP hangers. The axle length is… umm… almost too short. If I took any one of the 4 speed washers out it’d be much better, but I don’t want to do that. If I got rid of the tiniest amount off the end of the hanger, it’d work, but I don’t want to do that either. I will either leave it as-is or put some speed washers on a belt sander and make them slightly thinner and it will be 100% fine

To be clear, the axle DOES go all the way to the end of the nut. But no further, not any. Exactly that far. With the 4 speed washers on there.


It’s really, really hard to get the pulley perfectly centered and aligned. If you use the bearings and tighten up the pulley while on the bearings, it’s easy to make it PERFECT, then you can just let it ride on the bearings, too.

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Ok I got it sorted out for TB218s, 4 speed washers on the inside, 1 608 bearing in the pulley, this still leaves plenty of axel for the wheel nut. I don’t want to run it right at the edge of the nut that’s too risky for my liking. With one bearing it still runs nice and true. And there is enough space to not have the belt touch the wheel. :grinning:

You do need to file the truck down some though.


Hi. will got another lot after 5.1 vocation.

no, not change yes, still same old 22mm bore.

Hi. Sorry for the late reply. yes, I sent with 22mm bore .

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Hi. every one. after consider, I decide to keep all wheel pulleys stick with the old design with 22mm bore. because 25mm bore will not work with this design.

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there’s a 10mm thick 608 bearing (not remembering what it model name), can install like this way.


Something like this one ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Metal-22mm-x-8mm-x-10mm-608ZZ-Radial-Shielded-Deep-Groove-Ball-Bearing-/310874392054


yes, exactly!

I was looking for this just the other day to go with my pulley. Thanks!

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You are welcome… they are hard to find… on AliExpress they call them 608/10ZZ if you are more fancy ordering there.

Good decision. I found that temporarily installing a 608 bearing keeps the pulley centered while I tighten the retaining bolts. The idea of using a 10mm thick bearing means the pulley not only self-centers, but also now redistributes some of the driving forces. Nice!

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