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I can guarantee its related to hangers :smiley:


Nice to hear from you :slight_smile: as you know the only way from a deep hole is up, so everything will get better for sure. Take care of yourself :call_me_hand:

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Can’t help thinking its short sighted not to collaborate more than fully with you Jens, your EATB kit more than matches theirs and i think anyone can see that’s the case, i can understand wanting to protect or control product from their end but still…

JMO, i would have binned my whole design team to work with you, based on just seeing your product let alone seeing how much praise it gets from those lucky enough to have purchased your products.

looking forward to the new MBS range and “Escape Mount/case” for example… :wink:


Shouldn’t be too much trouble to design you own hanger my man, good luck & sorry to hear about your misfortunes

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For sure. Make your own hangers @Nowind!

I want a mountain board sometime, but hella can’t stand Trampas ridiculous business ethics.

Make something better; we will buy em in drovea!


I think this requires a bit of background information before the Trampa name is tarnished further (beyond the whole VESC trademark thing). They have to realise that you are driving sales instead of taking it away. They must also realise that they will never sell many drive trains/complete ESK8 conversions with so many good/better alternatives out there on the market. There is no stopping that. They will never ever dominate the ESK8 MTB market.

So what is the point in ending this relationship? Are they selling hangars at a near cost? Are you as a single person buying out their complete stock? :grin:

Other than that, I hope you fully recover and get back on your board again. For me, it was awful enough not to be able to ride for 3 weeks after a crash. Also good to hear you will remain in business, despite of your personal issues.

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@Nowind the main reason I have not bought from you is the fact that most of your drivetrains are for trampa… I don’t and wont buy their products… HOWEVER if you make your own hanger and sell those with your drive trains, I would be one of the 1st in line to buy as @Sender said, their business ethics are kinda garbage


Yeah i dont wanna start any kind of shitstorm i dont wanna tell half of the truth

they offered me around a year ago after a nice meeting in UK to invest in Trampa, quitting etoxx, start developing stuff with and for trampa… super nice offer… i felt honored and happy about… but first i got no big money to invest, second i dont want to quit etoxx… its my baby… my passion… not that big buisness stuff but my shit you know

i told them frindly and with respect imo, know the asked for working for them without investing money, i felt honered again, thought about, decidet that i still dont want to quit was i started on my own… told them respectfull imo…

then the problems start: no more Vertigo trucks/hangers for etoxx, low on stock, need them for completes… okay we arranged that i can purchase Infinity hangers instead… okay this worked some time around a year, next little problems: no more purchase on credit… okay no more purchase via paypal… okay no more purchase of hangers only… only complete trucks. okay created credit card acount… ordered… dont get my stuff … after 2weeks and 3 mails trampa told me: no more interrest to supply a competioner, that they offered me nice coorperation which i denied, that they need their hangers for completes… and that they dont wanna fullfill this last order and cancel it… yeah … i dont answered… needet some days with all the other bullshit which was going on…

imo the argument to say if they sell me hangers/trucks they dont have these hangers for completes is a two sided medal… yeah a part of me understand BUT no one of my customers purchased a hanger from mine build it on another platform… know what i mean… for every fkn hanger they sold me they also sold a complete … most people just purchased a complete from them because its cheaper then order everything as single piece without ONE hanger… so they also ordered one machined hanger from mine and got the other as replacement

yeah in the end i think they are pissed that i dont corporate like they offered, dont get me wrong it was a great offer… if i would be another person with more buisness man attidudes i would have take the trampa hand… but i´m just a passion driven little nerd who wants building the best eATB drivetrains :joy: and this without any compromise´s, being my own boss, producing every fkn part on my own small CNC in my small workshop, even if a storm blows away my fkn roof :sunglasses:

Thats it imo, hope i dont forget anything… dont wanna be a jerk, just wanna tell whats happens

hang loose


Hey Jens, so sorry to hear that. Hope life gets better for you soon. Chin up! :+1: Lets hope in 8 weeks you are back on your board and we can meet ones again. :grinning:


Interesting background story and it more or less confirms the kind of business they are running. It essentially contradicts the free spirited nature of what most of us associate this sport with. Yes, money needs to be made and a business needs to generate profit, but an appropriate behaviour is or rather should be a part of the business strategy. Right now, Trampa is slowly destroying their reputation (and I honestly wish they did not. Awesome decks).

I hope people will keep investing in E-Toxx products, regardless of any knock-offs or potentially similar upcoming products by Trampa. Others should remember where the first proper Trampa drive trains came from. Sometimes, supporting the smaller companies will keep innovation alive, instead of investing in bigger companies who tend to focus on other things.


Bro, you are not the only one who was offered that stuff :smiley: I also had call with trampa, and he offered same stuff, also explained why he can’t sell hangers anymore and etc stuff…

I think trampa wants to gather all the “talents” under his wing like Benjamin :smiley:


I think you mean they want to control the whole eMTB market.

Trampa clearly wants a monopoly and using quite a few dirty tactics to try to achieve that.

And to @Nowind, good luck with the gear drives for the Matrix II trucks! Can’t wait.


:confused: After hearing this about trampa I’m no longer going to purchase from them… i will start making my own composite decks :slight_smile:


I’m sure you will create something better with the hangars also @Nowind :wink:

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I wonder why they are incapable of designing this stuff in-house. Did all the good staff members who developed the original trucks leave?

Give a capable person access to fusion 360 and youtube, lock them away for a month and they can develop something 100x better compared to their current drive train.

My guess is though that they would have released these products at a much higher price. With current competition still in tact a re-design of any drive train is not going to be worth it. Trampa works with relatively large stock, which does not work in their favour (other expenses involved too that your one man band does not have to care about). They first need to kill or assimilate the competition before they can proceed selling drive trains at around 1000 EUR.

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Very happy to see you back :smiley: It has been rough but we all know you are hell of a fighter! Hopefully the rehab helps and you’ll be in full operation mode soon. Thank you for telling us the story

There is an old saying

First they trademark, Then they try to buy you, Then they limit supply you, Then you win.

NoWorries NoGivingUp NoWind

Please keep us updated :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear all this Jens… Hope you heal fast dude and hope you keep working on your awesome products with your head held high! You should be proud of your product and what you’ve done to date, it’s leagues ahead of the Trampa Drive Trains (and most others for that fact) and this is probably why they’re throwing their toys out the pram!

Warning… Rant incoming!.. I had heard from Ted about their offer to you, and he did seem like he took it personally that you turned him down. They’re also unhappy about the goings on with Kaly and believe he is ‘messing with the Trampa brand’! As if anyone with a Kaly doesn’t know it’s a Trampa deck and doesn’t buy spares from Trampa. Just think how many Wheels & Tyres Trampa must be selling to this market! I honestly don’t know what they’re playing at. As was mentioned, they think they have the right to a monopoly over any Mountainboard related items and they quite simply don’t like that other people have started doing it better than them (i.e. you) or cheaper (i.e. stewii and the ESCapes). Even though all these products are still based around using the solid and reliable Trampa Decks/completes which as you say they are still selling to anyone that buys EToxx or Kaly. I really really don’t get it and it quite simply saddens me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve ridden a Trampa HolyPro (unpowered) for many years, and have been generally very happy with it. I still buy spares from them and I will continue to do so where I have no alternative. But now only my Deck and Trucks remain Trampa. MBS F5 bindings and MBS Rockstar Pro wheels are hands down much better than the Trampa items. They’re not the only maker of Mountainboard parts even though they want to be. And bearings, fasteners and the misc electronics can all be easily sourced elsewhere. I’m not paying £26.50 for a set of bearings!!!

Mountainboards could really do with some new truck development anyway, so don’t just look to making your own Hangers (as Kaly is doing) but maybe look to making your own integrated truck/drive-train system that can fit to any Mountainboard Deck?..

Sorry for the rant, I couldn’t help it. Frustrations have been building and I’m not the only one. Good luck with all your future endeavors, you have my full support (and as is clear to see, you have the support of many others here as well).

Hang loose dude!

P.S. I’m now very much looking forward to flying the E-Toxx banner and riding my E-Toxx driven board at all the UK events that also have a Trampa presence. They’re not the only option!!!


I´m late to the “welcome-back-bro-party”! But hey, welcome back @Nowind :slight_smile: Sorry to hear that, were a few hard months since the roof…

But i´m sure you´re on your way back up now! Can only go up now!

noRoof - i´m sure the new one is even better noWife - ocean is big and so on, you´ll find someone better NOWIND - Fuck all that negative shit, you´ll get up stronger and better!!

cheers from south Torben :sunglasses:


So cool to hear the truth some times ^^ Thanks for the clearing !

Also, I’m super excited about MBS stuff coming from you ! (Maybe we all don’t have to forget that Trampa (except the deck) used at Scrub and then MBS parts at te beginning, then they remake them (with an accommodate price)… the story will soon be repeated :blush: )


Reeks of desperation. Seriously, the whole ‘‘you buy this printer, so you have to buy our cartridges’’ closed system approach does not apply to this market. Even if Jens joined Trampa, someone would have filled that gap…as people are filling the vesc6 price gap, etc. I could only imagine Trampa resorting to patent/trademark trolling if it ever comes to such a situation.

The wait is now for someone who creates matrix like trucks with the reliability of trampa trucks (that means, little to no plastic parts, but a truck shape that is easier to clamp components onto) and a composite deck with a concave.

//End Trampa