eBoosted Enclosures thread

Hello guys, I’ve been offering Loaded Vanguard enclosures for a while now, but as I build more boards I have other enclosures for sale as well, so I’m making a thread with my enclosures portafolio:

I have several requests to make a Loaded Vanguard 12S enclosure, for all those who would like the benefits of a 12S battery whether you are building a new Loaded Vanguard with loads of range, torque and speed from the start or want to upgrade your current vanguard equipped with 10S, this is the perfect time.

Personally since I tested 12S, I can’t go back to 10S anymore.

12S Vanguard Battery enclosure US$ 70 Here is a comparison between the 10S and 12S battery enclosure.

|img] https://i.imgur.com/I9v9yAZ.jpg[/img]

New 20" enclosure for short decks US$ 75 External length 20" (50.8cm) Internal space 44cm Internal width 15cm

Trampa HS11 flexible enclosure US$ 125


Loaded Vanguard battery enclosure V2 US$ 60 The difference between this and V1 is the shape of the front of the battery enclosuree, now it seals completely, making it easier to waterproof it.

  1. Made of flexible fiberglass
  2. Perfect shape for Loaded Vanguard
  3. Painted with matte black paint
  4. It fits 10S4P of 18650, a BMS, Antisparkswitch, charger port, battery capacity tester, wires

Loaded Vanguard VESC enclosure US$ 40

Never Summer Reaper 2016 Enclosure US$ 80

  1. Made of flexible fiberglass
  2. You could use this enclosure with any board that has 24 inches of available space between the trucks
  3. Musculous design
  4. It fits 10S4P of 18650, a BMS, Antisparkswitch, charger port, battery capacity tester, wires

10S Universal enclosure US$ 80

  1. Made of flexible fiberglass
  2. It fits 10S4P of 18650, a BMS, Antisparkswitch, charger port, battery capacity tester, wires http://i.imgur.com/byjWXHg.jpg http://i.imgur.com/VAfRWbT.jpg http://i.imgur.com/tfkDfN6.jpg http://i.imgur.com/kdO0efM.jpg http://i.imgur.com/1vaur2V.jpg http://i.imgur.com/IfZIJxr.jpg

12S universal enclosure US$ 80

  1. Slightly modified version of the 10S universal enclosure, in order to fit more cells
  2. It fits 12S4P of 18650, a BMS, Antisparkswitch, charger port, battery capacity tester, wires
  3. Compatible with FocBoxes and VESC6
  4. 25mm of height at lowest point
  5. 61cm of usefull space for cells
  6. 15cm of maximum internal width
  7. 65cm total length


Vanguard sets To USA US$ 15 To Europe US$ 20

Long enclosures To USA US$ 25 To Europe US$ 35


Can you fit a 10S5P in there? Have you seen anyone do that? Sick enclosure by the way.

It’s designed to hold 48 cells, however there is some space available for 2 more cells, if you don’t use BMS it will fit

I bought a set for my Boosted Clone build some months ago! I have to say they’re amazeballs and I couldn’t be happier. They’re incredibly rugged and seems easy to waterproof.

Highly recommend them!


hi i’m from Indonesia, interested with your enclosures could you send detail option via email? planning to buy some together with my friends.

@Eboosted Hi, have been searching for enclosures like this, do you have them in stock and where do you ship them from

Hello guys, I just PMd the info!

What are the dimensions of the battery enclosure

I love your enclosures, but I’ve gone full stupid and am building a 10s 6p pack. Let me know if you have one or ever plan to build one that can hold such a beast.


I’m trying to build a 10s6p and a 12s5p for people that have requested it.

However, I’m finding a lot challenges in order to have a nice sweet enclosure that look perfect, I could do any type of enclosure but not all of them will seamlessly blend with the deck.

If there’s an option that would fit 60 cells but won’t be visually appealing, I definitely won’t ever build it.

A two cell layer enclosure will look terrible and would have a really bad ground clearance, unless you make an enclosure boost board like with two segments.

Runing cell horizontally would allow me to run a 10s6p or 12s5p but there wouldn’t be any space left for the switch, BMS, wires, xt60 or xt90 connectors, maybe only for tow VESCs or Focboxes.

You could plan to run the VESCs on a different compartment on the top of the deck, as on a Trampa EMTB, and the connect the motors, but if wouldn’t be a 12s5p enclosure anymore.

If you try to run the cells vertically, almost no deck in the market will allow 10 cells vertically, you will have to get a deck with at least 9" on the thinnest part, that’s a pretty fat deck, so that’s also not an option.


I understand the issue you don’t want to make something huge, ugly and bulky. I haven’t found anything that will fit my pack that doesn’t embody all three of those. Would it look so bad to add little height to it though? Perhaps just as a prototype? You could support such stacked configurations where the cells are right on top of each other and so you get some space savings? I’m sure you’ve thought of that though.


when you interlock the double stacked cells it only comes to around 30mm high… not 36mm like some people assume.

one more cm to the enclosure is not that bad. and this is crucial for all the speed junkies trying to pull crazy amps with awd :slight_smile:

heck alan you should do this just for me so we can see what 13s6p does !!! lol

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Maby using battery enclosure on both sides. 10s3p on each side? It would be tight but I think it’s enough place. Than you would have place for 2 vesc on each side. Drop bms, use a balancing board only. They are thin and won’t take any place.

I just designed a two part enclosure that is able to fit a 12s6p.

I’ll post a picture later


I want to see this!

When do we get to see this 12s6p?

This is the program I need to follow:

  1. Finish the Trampa HS11 enclosure, hopefuly today:

  1. Make a Landyatchz Evo enclosure out of the 12S enclosure

  2. Make a Vanguard 12S battery enclosure

  3. Make a universal enclosure set for 12S6P


I am going to have 2 focbox with a 10s4p battery with bms battery will be around 160mm x 340-345mm would any over your enclosures fit that?

You need this one, it’ll fit 2 focboxes 10s4p, 12s4p and 10s5p configs.

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I don’t believe 24 inches will would with my board.