Enertion Raptor | First Batch Problems & Solutions

thanks, however I will need to see better photos though… specifically any motor damage. any other damage? I am trying to work out how to get you back to the “brand new” status again.

what country are you in?

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America. Honestly I just went to the hardware store and bought more 6mm scews and mounted it. The damage is the motor now looks like rubbish but still functions. I’m just peeved it’s scratched.

I am happy to send you a new motor. After all it was my mistake for not applying enough thread locker. I really want all my raptor customers to have the opportunity to put their own scratches on the raptor due to their own errors, not due to mine… :smile:

The only problem with a new motor is you need to remove heat shrink, & re-glue the connections at the VESC.

You also need to remove the pulley from the old motor and that will require circlip pliers.

I suppose i could send a motor assembly with the CF plate & Pulley already attached, then you just need to deal with three wires & some heat shrink.

anyway… this is up to you. What do you suggest?


Unboxing and first ride video:

It’s my first ever YouTube video. I hope it’s decent. :smile:


great unboxing man!.. Really sorry you didn’t get the double sided sticky velcro stuff…I really thought I checked every last detail on these! :disappointed_relieved:

today has been a rough day for me uncovering some silly mistakes!

I promise i will learn a lot from everyones feedback…

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Put a smile on my face :slight_smile:

Awesome! About what I expect my first ride to be like.

loved the unboxing now hurry up and get the test ride video up :stuck_out_tongue:

@onloop, seriously no worries! I had some at home, in black, which I like better anyway (even though no one else will see it). :smile:

To make onloops day. As it seems there are some issues big and small. I can say I am not disappointed what so ever with the product.

The waits been long, but once it arrived the wait has been forgotten. The whole package is fantastic, and the wait for the right hand controller was the correct descision.

Oh and I fed the loop of the rubber power plug to the lid cover screw.

i’ve been really unlucky with the shipment… both the battery and the board is on hold due to customs. nothing of which is onloops fault though… just bureaucracy stupidity…

please post more videos and pictures to keep me afloat! :sunny:

Damn, is your country tax heavy ?

Great unboxing! I’m happy to see more of them . I liked the camara angle when you removed the lid. The reflection on the shinny carbon fiber was cool. Also, I thought it was funny when you picked up the wrong tool, don’t know why. Of course, I laughed when the boards power surprised you and you fell off. I can’t wait to experience that power.

I noticed you’re married, as am I. What are the odds any of us could get our wifes’ to do a ride video? I think that’d be funny too. I’d expect lots of comments like “this thing is stupid fast, your going to kill yourself, how much life insurance are we carrying on you, again?” I don’t know why, but I really want to try and make that happen. If I get it on video, I will definitely share.

If if I get mine running, before you get yours delivered, you’re welcome to come down for a ride. I’m very happy my delivery went smoothly.

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Switzerland is somewhat tax heavy in regards to personal taxes. They are higher than some on import taxes and one of the highest for import fees, separate from taxes as a percentage. They happen to be one of the lowest, overall, for corporate taxes. In fact, small businesses starting out here can go 2 years tax free. Different Cantons have different tax rates for both individuals and businesses, kind of like American states. Zug, the Canton and city I live in has some of the very lowest corporate taxes in the world. This attracts business from around the globe. Many global companies have a presence, or even their headquarters here. Some of that is changing though.

To @Howser’s issue it seems related to a lot of red tape, more than fees themselves. Switzerland has a lot of bureaucracy, in general. It’s not uncommon, in my experience, for the Swiss to seemingly sometimes get caught up in following to rules. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great and I love it here. It’s just that they seem very stringent and seem to take pride in enforcement even on a personal level. I’ve literally seen a Swiss someone make the effort to come downstairs out of an office building, walk about 100 meters/yards, and tell someone they had driven the wrong way in an otherwise completely empty parking lot. While this was one of my first experiences here, and I found it surprising, I wouldn’t find it surprising at all today having been here a while now.

While things can get stuck in the gears of bureaucracy here, there are always rules. Fortunately that means there are rules for how to deal with confusion and the bureaucracy itself. It can take some time, but in the end, it all seems to work out.

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This sounds familiar :smiley:

Great idea to secure the protective power plug with the lid cover screw @Dedbny . That seems to be even more secure than press fitting it between the board and battery. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely use this method.

thank you for your offer thom, hopefully we can ride together soon instead!
i know exactly what your talking about. sometimes you just get picked for a double check and the wheels of bureaucracy start turning. i hope for a swift solution so i can let go of this in my head, it drives me nuts!

Do not expect any un-boxing videos from me, I’m too impatient. Got my SPACE cell and just waiting for the Raptor now. You will see videos of my and my son on the Boosted Dual+ riding side by side soon.

I do have data logged from several rides on my son’s Boosted Dual+ with him riding as well as myself (I’m Godzilla sized wind resistance + 2x his weight) around a fixed loop in a local park as well as neighborhood loop (both with elevation changes) that I ran fully charged till depletion. Can’t wait for the the comparison of rides and distance. I will take into consideration the difference in battery capacity and then determine effectiveness of drive systems on a km/w basis. I recently got back from a trip and was frustrated as the Boosted Dual+ ran short three blocks from my meeting so the 99Wh battery was the main reason for me looking elsewhere for e-transportation that is realistically transportable. I will be posting my results as soon they are able to be made. Living in the North East of the US and with fresh snow this morning I did not order my Raptor the the winter studded wheels option so weather permitting I will get to it soon as I can.

I also thought the Std charger was included with the SPACE cell and the additional price was for the fast charger in addition to the std one. We all know slow charging is ideal for best battery life but often need the fast charge to keep up with life’s fast pace. Jason ( @onloop ) no worries mate, all we ask is that you offer it to those of us asking for it for a fair price that does not have you loose out on the deal.

Finally I see that Jason is replying to new owners concerns in lightning fast response times. I cannot ever recall a company that is so open and honest as well as owning up to their growing pains. His passion & dedication to making each and everyone of us a satisfied customer is to be commended. I applaud him and respect him and wish you much success. Cheers and all the best!

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