Enertion Raptor | First Batch Problems & Solutions

Sorry. I meant no offense - my intent was to be helpful. :smile:

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I could put the motor on myself if you sent it, but that’s why I thought I paid $1500 USD… So that I didn’t have to “DIY”. Either way ive spent hours on it now and just want it to work properly. It’s currently out of commission from 5 rides and 2 days.

I ran out of replies, so I’m editing this one to talk about the 10% cut off you had. Mine did the same thing. I could only travel downhill or some flat if it went under 10%.

http://youtu.be/3IKXhMFgVq0. I’ve been thinking about unmounting it and riding it as mono for the time being but I’m not sure where to unplug it and don’t want to screw it up more.

A few moments from my first commute home:



Ok, this is starting to seriously concern me… is it possible the thread locker goes bad?.. i have had this stuff sitting on my shelf for well over 12months…

If this stuff i am using hasn’t set properly I am going to have over 30 raptors with major problems!

Thanks for that! Sounds like my Raptor is about to ship, and now you’ve got me all hot’n’bothered all over again!

Hope your ankle heals up quickly. :wink:

Looking forward to getting the chance to finally risk hurting myself on this thing!

Best thing you can do at this point is spread the word.

Listen onloop, this is my guess…if you notice the red threadlocker, it is not applied at the tips of the screws. And from what i saw, the tips of the screws is what contacts the mount. Threadlocker doesnt go bad in 12 months as far as i know.

I have had a huge bottle for a couple of years of the blue loctite. I have noticed it separates. I just always give it a good shake and it always works just like new.

shit man… I really hope your ankle is ok.

here is what likely happened

The Low Voltage Cut off (LVC) of S.P.A.C.E Cell is 28v This is roughly how the LCD is programmed. 42v = 100% 40v = 80% 37v = 50% 35v = 30% 33v = 10% 32v = 0%

Once the battery reaches 0% under load you will probably be hitting the LVC - which means OFF

I am not sure what your readout would have said once it started up the hill & and the motors started drawing more current… but i would assume that your voltage dropped to 0% very quickly. Basically, the LVC of the BMS came on and that makes the board stop accelerating whilst your body continued.

Honestly, I never bothered using the LVC cutoff built into the VESC because I never ride the board uphill with very low battery power. But this is no excuse, I now have to think about all the possibilities that will occur when other people ride.

So from now on I’ll program a soft voltage cut-off at 33V and hard cutoff at 28v, this way if you approach a hill like the one in your video the board won’t shut off rapidly. It will slow down.

Based this video I highly recommend that everyone considers making this change or not riding up hills with low % battery

ALSO, you guys might want to get something like this to help with accessing the USB port on the VESC.

search something like this: "Mini USB Male to Female Right Angle 90 Degree Adapter"

I forgot to ask, Does the battery turn on? ALSO, the fuse may have blown but I doubt it.

I’ve had and used thread locker that is at least 5 years old on my motorcycle and it has worked fine. Maybe it’s the tip thing?

The battery charged fine, and I’ve since bench tested the board, so I think it’s safe to say it was the LVC. Where can I get the software to make those changes?

So my raptor arrived and it’s loads of fun. One small problem… I got the fast charger in the box and proceeded to get a 250v 10a extension for my American outlets but the charger always has the green led on indicating it’s fully charged even when it’s only at 40%. The charger thinks the battery is full and won’t charge it.

I tried trouble shooting with other extensions but to no avail. When I unplug it and replug it it gives off a spark also.

Any ideas?

I have no idea here, but maybe it’ll “spark” someone to help you solve the problem. Are you meaning you’re using an American 240V plug when you say “250v 10a extension?” Do you know if you plugging into a single phase or three phase connection? I know the fast charger is listed as dual voltage, I assume it is intended for a single phase connection like most dual voltage electronics. If you have been trying to plug into a 3 phase 240V connection, perhaps that is the issue. If your using some unusual and truly “250V” connection that is likely the issue as the fast charger seem to be rated for 240V max. Again, I don’t really know. I’m only suggesting it as a possibility. Perhaps you can try to plug into a typical single phase 120V American connection. I don’t believe this should have an impact on charge rate relative to 240V. Does the Enertion fast charger have a voltage switch? I don’t have one one, but looking online today it seems some similar looking chargers do have a physical voltage switch. If the Enertion fast charger does too, you might want to be certain is flipped to the proper voltage your attempting to use.

I’m out and about trying to enjoy the last 20% of my battery and one of the motors fell off and got completed scratched and messed up. I even double checked the motor mounts specifically before I left. This shouldn’t be happening on the first day dude. I spent 1500$ for a missing slow charger, a broken fast charger and now a scratched up board that I have to work to fix. AND the motor looks fucked up now. Not to mention it was 3 months late for the quality control, so that THIS wouldn’t happen. Today is not a good day.

To boot, the screw came off in transit so now I can’t even fix it myself. Sweet.

It looks like you hadn’t put any thread locker on that opening at all. Theres no residual on the opening of the one that fell off, but the one next to it does.

I feel for you dude. That really sucks. Mine is set to arrive in mere hours, and I know how sad I will be if something similar happens. I’m trying to keep in mind that this is THE first batch of Raptors, and that there are bound to be some growing pains. The Raptor has a warranty, so I’m sure Jason will take care of any issues. At the end of it all we will all have the best board money can buy. :smile:

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isnt america power 110v? i think you should change the switch on the charger so its compatible with that voltage.

please show me photos.

I forgot to apologise for this mishap. There is a chance one single bolt didn’t get thread locker…what a fuck up! will resolve this matter ASAP