[EU] Caliber mount Update: Shipping out all pre-orders :)

Hey guys

I designed a caliber mount wich should be cheaper than the ones available now but very strong and easy to use.

The mounts will be finished in approxematly 10 workdays. From than on the retail price will be €39.

If you want to pre-order: https://electricboardsolutions.com/collections/pulleys-belts-mounts/products/caliber-mount.

The reason I do this is to finance a part of the production cost :slight_smile: (The €14 will probably not cover the cost for one piece :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )

The mount will be made of construction metal S235, lasered out of 4 & 15 mm sheets and finished with a white galvanization and comes in 2 parts attached togheter with M5 bolts.

Greetz Frédéric


Updated: for Ø50mm & Ø63mm motors & settable angle


Have you made one of these and tested it out? I highly suggest you do so, as there are some visible problems with the mount.


3d printed them yes, not tested that’s why it’s preorder, wich are the problems you see?

I feel that you need to make one or two out of metal and test them before you do a pre order.

These mounts have square edges which can’t but cut on a CNC. Your also holding this on with a set screw on the rounded portion of the truck…


Oh I didn’t write it will be lasered out of metalsheets 4 and 15mm. And yes on the round side because it is easy reachable, but I will change it to the flat side. Thanks for the feedback!

Put this together, with a metal prototype, bolt a motor on, and turn it on, with belts and pulleys and wheels, then bash the skateboard wheels-first into a concrete wall as hard as you can for 15 minutes.

If anything moves, it needs to be redesigned.

Because, in fact, that is exactly what happens while riding a skateboard.


maybe off topic question but how did u make the animation? looks sweet! sws alles ziet er heel goed uit

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Exploded view in SolidWorks, you can find a tutorial here. Caliber truck and kegel wheel comes from grabcad.

there’s been other mounts like this where the hangar clamp is held using just set screws and even with a lot of torque and loctite it comes loose after a short while.

Then weld it together! then it wont move lol


Hmm, interesting, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

what study do you do, mechanical engineering or ipo, sorry for all the off topic questions haha

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Mechanical engineering yes :slight_smile: What is ipo?

that’s only if you do it wrong :slight_smile:

my paris mount with just set screws holds just as well as my jb-welded psycho mount. given the set screws are M8, but that’s a different story :rofl:


industrieel product ontwerpen

It seems like you have come a far way :smiley:, but as others have said, i highly suggest you to get at least one made and tested before you start selling them. Good luck!

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Haha yes or cry in a corner when a complete batch is crap haha :wink:

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We have industrial product desing as a master degree but I don’t know yet what I will do :slight_smile:


Hello Frederic,

I see 1 big problem with your design:

  • You cant change the belt tension, you really should take attention on that.
  • About the set screw, some people don’t understand physics I guess, because of the form of the caliber truck, your design is even better than putting the screw on the opposite side, because now when you pot tension on the screw, you will have a 3 point fixing (the bottom of the screw, and the two opposite corners). It is a good design, just make sure to use a strong and big enough screw :slight_smile:
  • sorry 1 more thing, the more they say it’s impossible, the more you can prove the’re not right :slight_smile:

Hey @Steve-81

Thanks for the feedback! I put sleds on it, so the motor can slide, won’t that be enough?

It’s now a 6M screw, but maybe I will change it to 8M :wink: