Dont know if this works correctly for everyone but I tried to compile this to be static so no 3rd party libraries required :slight_smile: If it doesn’t work let me know :blush:

EDIT: will probably require to go to system preferences to security and allow to run it as its unsigned don’t have active license to sign it :slight_smile:


Ok apparently I’m a slacker because I recieved my unites yesterday and I still haven’t opened my boxes look at them let alone instalked one.

Yea I was really happy when I saw that it saves a bit of space with this one.

Its really well made from what I can tell. Nice clean solder flow around the components I can see from the top (without voiding my warranty)

Everything feels really strong and stable on it from a physical standpoint. I think it was @b264 that told me to imagine slamming my board against a concrete wall for 30 minutes and design it to withstand that…with this mounted well on a deck, you won’t have a problem with that.

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Holy moly! Impressive work man! Take some rest now and dodge the burnout :stuck_out_tongue:.

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sounds like something only @b264 would say :smiley:

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You sure it was him? :roll_eyes::rofl:


Can’t heart this post enough


Seems like the time frame has been adjusted over the days, but I think it was him.


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Focbox and the unity both have 3.5mm bullet connectors on them

He meant the spare male bullet connectors.

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I forgot to mention this is Mac version of the app :laughing:


Sorry for my english

from enertion they told me that it has free connectors for 5v.

02:19:52 PM) Customer Service: Hi Juan Manuel Franco welcome back! What can we help you with? (02:21:18 PM) Juan Manuel Franco Hi (02:21:22 PM) *** Mike joined the chat *** (02:21:24 PM) Juan Manuel: Hi. He bought focbox unity. I want to install a bicycle led light. in the features it puts an output of 5v 1A for external devices. Is this the C type usb? or is there another connection for those external devices? (02:21:27 PM) Mike: Hi Juna (02:21:29 PM) Mike: Juan (02:21:31 PM) Mike: Welcome (02:21:31 PM) Juan Manuel: Hi! (02:22:16 PM) Mike: Unity has 3 output for external devices (02:22:22 PM) Mike: 1: USB-C type port (02:22:27 PM) Mike: 2: UART port (02:22:40 PM) Juan Manuel Franco: great! (02:22:41 PM) Mike: 3: Receiver (2.4 GHz Servo) (02:22:56 PM) Mike: So I think you will be able to set it (02:23:42 PM) Mike: Is there anything else I can assist you with?

All they said is true. Except for the 5V on the usb C… whatever

Bad idea to plug your bicycle light to any of this


Do you bookmark these? Hahahah


No i just found this new feature to the site. They added a surch function. Crazy right ?! I don’t know where they come up with this stuff.


Fuck now I look like a moron hahaha


“You will receive tracking number in the evening.”

The next evening is closing in.

Y u do dis.


Can’t. Contain. Hype.