(EU) - Group Buy - Cheap Hub Motor Set 90 mm CANCELED

Great thanks for the explanations. So if I understood correctly let’s take my setup. I will run 10s3p 30Q battery (rated 15A or 20A actually from real discharge test) total costant current 45 or 60A, we can say 50A as deal, so 37V * 50A = 1850W /2 = 925W available for each motor. Since the motor are rated costant 500W and 1000W peak they will stay cool only when they run < 500W. Is it a correct thinking? Thx for your input.

There’s a few ways to look at it. That will ensure you don’t cook them, yes. But you might be able to set them to 750w even.

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So basically we can start from 500W and than go higher and keep an eye on the motor temperature to see if they overheat when they reach the max watt set. If no we can increase a bit the max W until we find a sweet spot between temp/performance. Could it be an idea?

Yea, I was thinking of suggesting that to you this earlier in the morning today, haha.

It doesn’t still mean things can’t break. Heat and slipping wheels are small hubs biggest problems. But if they do a sloppy job gluing magnets, or use the wrong epoxy for gluing the magnets or the damaged the winding in the motor assembly process, fixed it, and their fix failed, theirs still a lot that can go wrong. To be able to have tight control of the assembly enviroment is one of the reasons hummie and I chose to wind and assemble our hub motors ourselves.


Yeh your hub motors are very nice. I need to start cheaper for the moment :sweat_smile: but they are for sure on my list. Thank you for all the advice.

just can’t wait to see how they perform and try hard them this summer. While we are there - quick off topic - do you still think you will make bigger wheels with front matching or is it something hard to pull out at your scale ? More urethane with hubs is always a good bonus

On the Meepo hub note I have used them for approx 4 month now and using them at 50A and i don’t get any unbearable heat. I mean the carvon V3 heats much more under same hills, but carvon would have more power and will go faster for sure. I wish they had temp sensor ( meepo’s ) so I could have numbers. Carvons get really hot up to 93 degrees celcius ( see there : https://metr.at/r/0o1nJ )

I had one refund, so 4 Places are taken at the moment - 6 more orders to go!

If someone is interested in the timeline: Should be about one week from china to customs, 2 days at customs, i will ship them as soon as i get them, so about another week to your door.

Jump in guys to make this happen and help us get a nice deal on these!

I am really interested in these Hub motors but I have a question:

If the Urethane needs to be replaced, I need to buy a replacement with the Rotor inside? So I can not replace only the Urethane on this Motor? …

And where do I get these cheap?. I would rather order this Hub motors including a replacement kit for the urethane. Thats the only thing which is keeping me from placing my order!

Thanks for your effort to get such a good offer! Greetings from Germany Ron

Hey Ron!

Sure, jump onboard :slight_smile: These hubs should probably last a good amount of a few hundred kilometers - i haven´t actually see someone replacing it. If you need to replace them on some point in the future, there are some vendors selling replacement kits including the bell and everything you need like: https://verrealboards.com/products/replaceable-hub-motor-urethanes

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Thanks for the tip. So this groupbuy can not include a set of spare urethane replacement Rotor?

Shouldn’t it be possible to get the urethane off of the rotor and cast and bond/glue a new one over the rotor?

I am building a compact 10s3P cruiser Build under the Jucker Hawaii Mini cruiser Board: https://www.juckerhawaii.com/JUCKER-HAWAII-mini-cruiser-WOODY-BOARD-KAPUA

So with the Small space under the deck I would prefer to go with hubs. It would be my every day commute board.

So your groupbuy offer comes perfect, but the thing with the non, replaceable urethane over the rotor keeps me back from ordering. Could you give me a day to think it through?

The seller we’re buying from does not offer replacable cans, you have to get them from somewhere else.

Sure, take your time and let me know, we’re waiting for a few more orders to come in to proceed.

I exchanged some emails with Jason and he kindly provide the information we needed about the sensor wire…

As you can see the ground is black, the 5V is red and the other 3 are the all sensored wire. On the VESC you will find 6 pins instead of 5, so you have to leave it one empty since the temperature sensor is missing on this motor. The same information will be updated on the website too. :sunglasses:


im out 10 char

How thick is the urethane btw?

And I think there must be a way to put on the Urethane by yourself. Okay. you maby need to glue it onto the rotor but I think it should be doable.

A friend of mine is also considering to get one of those.

Hard to tell…mabe about 10mm thick if you look at the pictures.

Just let me know if you want to jump onboard :slightly_smiling_face:


so if we were 10 people, how much would it cost? I saw on diyeboard there is a 32% discount (97.20 USD per hub motor). Including taxes (30%?) and shipping (108 USD) this should be $1372 in total. So $137 (or 111 EUR) per person. Now shipping costs need to be included. Final price should be around 125 EUR, right?

Price is in first post including everything :wink:

Groupbuy is canceled due to the low interest. I refunded everyone.

For those who joined - thank you anyway guys :slight_smile:

The single price is really good and you should get them for about the same price if they slip through customs!


Hi what type are the connectors used to connect the hall sensors? JST PH?

Yes jst ph 6 pins