First Look at TorqueBoards Direct Drive Motor

thankss, i kinda thought that too but wasn’t too sure.

Hope it does not happen again What speed where you going

approx 22mph. Yea i’ll get my setup reworked to try and stay on my board in the future lol.

You should ask the battery builder how was the BMS wired?, charge/discharge or charge only.

Please also ask what BMS, brand and model and maximum current specs, he did install. Some BMS cutout while on maximum current and you loose everything from brakes to power.


thanks, yep i emailed them hoping they respond soon enough.

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NOW IT ROCKS! :boom:


Why did you put those holes in your deck

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to have it lighter

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Very happy with the drives put 50km on them Only scared of the police stealing my ride


yes ,me too…but for now they don’t bother, but here the mobility law was just voted a few month ago…wait and see! //is your dual direct drive powerful enough for you?what kind of battery did you put on? the 4WD direct drive has torque as hell with 4X 60A powered !

I would not put such holes in it might break faster

How heavy is your board mine is 16kg 4wd i would take a bigger battery and mostly for ofroad like on the beaches but thats when its legalized sadly

Already got a fine riding on meepo board 10km/h cause not insured which is not posible…

Focboxunity 12s8p 30q 120a Yea 75kv dual drive is powerful alot of torque

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That deck is gonna break


yes it’s quite heavy too, around 15 kg without battery I’d not ride it on the beach because motor bearings will stain too quickly you have pics of your 4WD board?(you sent me a dual board picture)

ahaha, that’s what everybody says to me! believe me, it won’t:the carbon layers are very strong ,and the deck is the stiffest I ever rode… I rode it yesterday,30 km,50/55 kph max speed with 90 kg load, and no issue… the shaper is so confident he proposed me a payback if the board went to break…

Does he also pay the hospital bills :wink:


no, but french social system will… :wink:

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make it lighter!? maybe like 20 grams lighter.

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ahaha, yes,something like that…, shaper says for weight and style… :wink: the deck is quite stiff and heavy: 17 ply plus carbon layers…

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Any word on the 60kv stator variation + the AT adapters? There’s this offering over at DD + AT. These looks like a refined version of the eLofty hardware with a heat treated axle and custom adapters using 58kv stators. I really like the look of the TB pneumatic AT adapters in this thread, but the 160mm airless tires + adapter for this kit look like a good solution as well.


Rattling noise after updating the vesc latest firmware. Have any body experience some thing like this. Please help