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So I don’t know a lot about soldering pcbs, does the protoboard to build the resistor have to be 1 sided, or does it not matter?

One sided will work best

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Thanks. Reason why? Just curious

Personal experience, nothing more. The components are soldered on one side only. I guess less probability of shortening stuff.

I’ll try to make a video or more close up pictures for the reg making (given I’ll get the parts in the near future)


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that would be awesome. It’s the only part i see myself having any difficulty with but im sure i can figure it out. All my parts will be in by Feb.

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Short instructions on how to build the regulator:

  1. Parts needed: AMS1117 3.3v voltage regulator 22uF and 0.1uF capacitors 3x4 proto board I find it easy to cut from larger piece with regular scissors going through the adjacent hole line, then trim 20190123_131113

  2. Put 3 blobs of solder in the third line 20190123_131236

  3. Align the reg and solder the legs. This should be easy due to the prepared blobs 20190123_131358 20190123_131446

  4. Insert the 22uF cap through the holes. Note the ground leg. Then solder the positive leg to the middle hole. 20190123_131712

  5. Insert the smaller cap through holes (you should have two legs in the leftmost hole - ground)20190123_131741

  6. Solder the legs to the board 20190123_131846 20190123_131835

  7. Snip the legs short and solder to the regulator 20190123_131919 20190123_132016 20190123_132026

  8. Add wires: two (black) to the ground leg and one red to each of the remaining legs 20190123_132608

  9. Black+center red go to the mini board. Black + right go to the output from charger board

Hope it helps, Dani


So, I have good news for those who don’t want to make their own regulator. There are ready made units with convenient legs to solder on: 20190124_160824 20190124_155529 20190124_160829

The only thing I did was desolder the tiny LED that we don’t want working all the time

Enjoy, Dani

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Links: ebay BG

Enjoy, Dani



Everything is looking good so far. Any tips for soldering to the pre existing legs on the pre built regulator? I’ve never soldered to something like that appeared you used shrink wrap.

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Looking good! Just tin the legs before and go ahead, nothing special. Shrink is an option

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Cool.after assembling I realized the battery leads that came on my battery were far too short. Going to extend them a bit and give it a another try.

Also, desoldering the constant led on the pre built regulator, what is the best way to do that? Being so small… I kind of just burnt it haha.

I did the same thing:grinning: We don’t need it so it kinda fell off after applying heat

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Cool just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a more technical way to do it. I wouldn’t mind it being on all the time but you can see it glowing thru the case so gotta get rid of it.

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Yes, and because it drains the battery.


So that’s why it only last 24hrs? Please oh great one tell me how to fix this lol

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Don’t know yet…

I want to revise the design in the near future to include bigger battery…


I was planning on replacing with another lipo but this thing with the led might fix what issue I have with it.

Did you leave the LED on your regulator?

No. My reg is the early version (from components) so no le in the first place