FOCBox Unity Group Buy

If anyone is planning another US group buy for the FOCBox Unity please let me know. I want 2 of them and I missed the last group buy. :slightly_frowning_face:

bulk discount is now at a 100 units so very unlikely.

i ordered extras so will let you know when they get here.


Cool! Well just let me know! I can even pay in advance to reserve if necessary. How much is the cost w/ shipping?

i wouldn’t feel right taking money for it now.

i got your name down so i won’t forget.

should be $230 shipped when they’re here.


If you still have extras I would like to join the list @thisguyhere!

got it



@thisguyhere Yeah I’m gonna need on that list bud. Thanks for ordering extra. What’s the guess for when they will become available?

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“latecomers” tab

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Lol I’m on both lists.

woah, just realized that your profile pic is a meeseeks


@thisguyhere how can I get on dis list lol

Count me in

Can you ship one to Japan? If yes, i would like to get on that list too.

If there’s room, count me in

Hey @thisguyhere IF you have extras from the bulk purchase you made, I would love to order one from you! I am in Minnesota USA.

I am from Wisconsin but I am currently living in Minneapolis for college. I what city are you in?

Hi @thisguyhere can you add me to the latecomers list as well? Thx for arranging the buy.

alright, i got you all recorded

that’s it though, i’m out for now

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@kuphjr Crazy I am in college too in St. Paul. Where you going to college?

Now everytime you see what @thisguyhere wrote you will read it in meeseeks voice.