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This is incorrect, only the FOCBOX UI and FOCBOX TOOL app works with the Unity. Metr also has compatibility if you have one of their modules. Please do not try to use the regular tool with the Unity it will not function correctly.


Those do not appear on play store though. Do they have to be side loaded?

Ah ok, I only tested focbox UI and metr pro, since metr pro worked I thought any would work.

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Appreciate the detailed response to a question a lot of people have been asking in some form or another :slight_smile:

Although I would agree with you that the standard connectors should be plenty sufficient to handle the currents that the vast majority of users will be running, I can still see there being an argument made that even though an XT60 connector will work without any issues versus an XT90 connector, it’s likely that an XT90 connector will be more efficient at handling the current loads that more performance demanding consumers might have.

As an example, I’m currently running two FOCboxes from a 10S 1.1kwh pack to two 200kv 6384 motors for my 15km round trip daily commute which includes a few fairly long and steep hills. By the time I get home, my 10AWG wiring and connectors (mixture of XT60s and XT90s) do get a bit warm. Even though I’ve got my FOCboxes mounted to a big block of aluminium with thermal paste in between, it’s not that hard for me to get them to start thermal throttling to some extent by the time I get home if I’m really trying to push them.

It’s obviously a fairly minor issue in the grand scheme of things but I’m wondering, have you guys considered doing some basic tests and publishing the results of comparing energy loss between different connector/wiring sizes for more performance hungry systems considering the FOCbox Unity seems to be designed to work well with these types of systems?

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On IOS the app would have to be sideloaded. I’ll get it into the appstore hopefully before units ship, if not it will be available as a .apk download, a .exe download and a mac and ubuntu version as well if I can get that sorted in time.

Cables being warm when it’s connected to a FOCBOX that is thermal throttling at 85C in an enclosure? How can you tell where the heat comes from?

Googling around you can see that the contact resistance of 3.5mm bullet is in the 0.5 mOhm range. So at 60 amps you lose about 2 watts. Voltage drop even at 100 amps will only be 0.05V which is negligible as well. Obviously you could also calculate the wire resistance but it’s going to be very tiny since the wire lengths are extremely short. Not sure how to calculate the resistance of the solder joints into the copper though… hm.

My god don’t people over think this shit. I have been using foc’s for ages with high current and wow they work. Still work at all kinds of high temps. Put the thing in your build and use it. Trust the guys who build these things to do the thinking for you. Thats why you pay them. They know. Shit I am absolutely sure that the unity will be the same industry standard unit that the focbox is. @Deodand @onloop Keep the focbox in production though. Its an icon.


Jason has said they will be available to buy black Friday/cyber Monday.

There’s a few threads to read on it but no price yet

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And the orange is sick :fire::fire:

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Just grab a Fox MTB body suit(armor) to fit the color scheme and you’re set. :ok_hand:


I’m not against orange, it’s just weird that it’s an off brand color. :thinking: :nerd_face:

Enertion blue?


I have faith that someone in this community can re render it for printing in other colors. Or just paint it. Fine sand the silicone, oil based primer, oil based paint. Not the most predictable color choice, agreed. But I’m more happy about the unity than sad about the color.


Still hoping for some best practices on installation and heat sinks

Jesus guys… Who cares about the color? It’s going to be placed in a enclosure and won’t be seen while riding. I like the design but I wouldn’t care even if it had rainbow colours. Keep up the good work. Im happy that Enertion keeps making items that can improve our esk8ing experience. :+1:


Thaís :arrow_up:


So we’re not mounting it to our helmets and having leads run all the way to the deck?

I thought thats why it was hi-vis orange.:rofl:

Seriously though I don’t see why people keep bringing up the color either, its a non issue.


:rainbow: yes please!


The orange Reminds me of a black box from an aeroplane… which is kind of cool as it’s like the brain of your board.

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I would have bought one in rainbow.

Bronies for life :rainbow: :unicorn:

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