Forum Etiquette - Speak your mind OR Shut your mouth?

From time-to-time there are some heated discussions on this forum, mostly two passionate people who disagree about a certain topic…

In many cases it’s just pointless trash, but sometimes the topic is really important and could change the way we all do things… Or it could damage a persons reputation… etc etc.

Does the community think it is it ok for people to talk back & forth (arguing) or should we just shut up and move on / moderate more strictly?

  • Speak your mind?
  • Shut your mouth?

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NOTE: under no circumstances is it ok to directly insult an individual or group, use false accusations, or be slanderous towards someone else on this forum, you will be warned & then banned permanently.

I personally think that discussion (heated or not) is very important and should be allowed to unfold naturally, without moderation, as long as it is done respectfully. However, that can often be really disruptive for a thread if it takes it off topic. So this thread will also be used as a dumping ground for all topics that start to go off the rails from the original topic


Not to be rude, but I feel like this:

and this: [quote=“onloop, post:77, topic:2921”] my primary goal is to build a sustainable business, that is scalable & will be here for the long term… [/quote]

Don’t really mesh…

You could have an amazing product, but if you’re a dick to everyone who slightly disagrees with you, your customer base is going to dry up real quick.


this is why i buy from TB and others, im a pain in the fucking arse but i have yet to see TB swear or lose his cool ever.


mah ■■■■■ spittin truths


It always seems when ever the other products Enertion sells like batteries, esc mounts, deck that they are all solid and have great reviews. The only think that Enertion sells that has biased and untested propaganda is the 6374 motor. Enertion could however be scared of china pulling an @Hummie on him and then boom, some other factory is selling Enertions motors. Just clearing stuff up. No malice intended for anyone here,

Firstly… I am not a dick to everyone… just to people that annoy me or who waste my time & call me names…

let me refresh your memory, You have been on this forum for just a few weeks now, within the first week or so you thought it was a good idea to call me (owner of the forum - the guy who pays the hosting fees to keep it running) an asshole because I was simply speaking my mind…??? so don’t get too upset if I fire back… fair is fair.

Now… let’s address your latest comment… here are some hot tips about business so you can better understand my comments…

  1. You can never please everyone - so don’t try.… (the guy who wants the $400 eboard is not my customer, However I am more than happy to help them with their build - thats why i made this forum…I didnt expect everyone to buy from me, in fact this forum is helping other business grow bigger…)
  2. Business must be profitable otherwise they are called charities.… if I can’t make profit from selling my products, I can’t offer warranty, I can’t offer service or support, i can’t pay hosting fees to run a free & open forum for dicks to call me an asshole on, i can’t survive… no enertion!
  3. Amazing products don’t just appear out of thin air, they require lots of R&D… money needs to be spent to make them good. This money comes from profit. Innovation needs profit.

I am honestly surprised how many times I have to remind people of this simple stuff… I am not going to lower my prices & put my business at risk, if you don’t like me or my products go elsewhere…


I seriously doubt that these are your true underlying motivations for making a buying decision… most consumers act based on price & convenience… if you are in the US it is probably better that you buy from us based business so you can have better recourse for warranty claims & also lower postage costs.

Even if you hate my guts and think I’m nasty… if I drop my price on the 6374 R-SPEC to it’s cost price you would want one… If the vesc was $50 you would probably buy it from me…

This is the challenge of running business… I could drop my prices and maybe have more customers… but eventually, the business would fail…

Price is only one piece of the puzzle, there are many other elements, you must have a very compelling offer, so good that the consumer has no choice but to buy it… I need to work on my offer more & more… hence why i am moving some manufacturing & fulfillment to US

Anyway…I suppose I could be nicer to everyone on this forum & try to get more business… but I also don’t want to be fake either… do you really think torque boards likes everyone? he just doesn’t speak his mind in public…

At the end of the day I would prefer just to be honest & open and speak my mind… be true to myself… i think there are plenty of people that can respect that.

Well before enertion I worked in a retail environment for many years selling computers & other tech stuff which required me to be polite & happy and have the customer is always right kind of attitude… well that fucks with your mind eventually… You end up hating yourself… and your customers also start to see through the fake personality…

I decided when I started enertion that i would just be straight up honest with everyone… no bullshit, call it how it is… i knew some folks would get hurt by this attitude… but I feel fucking great about it… being true to yourself and honest is so relieving.

This doesn’t mean i don’t have empathy, though…

So I am sorry if I hurt or your little hearts.


Holy shit nice succinct response! Love ya @onloop

I like everyone :slight_smile: I’m not that emotional to outlash. For the most part this is DIY and people do know how to find out answers on their own.

I may not speak my mind because what’s the point. Agree to disagree. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I wholeheartedly respect that so I don’t push my opinions on people.

If someone wants to talk to me, they know how to contact me. :grinning:

Funny thread though. These things do make me laugh. Source of entertainment… :heart_eyes:


you just sit back, keep copying enertion stuff & be quite… :fishing_pole_and_fish:


@onloop - How you think so full of yourself… :grin:


hug it out bitches!!


Whoa! I’m African American and I’m gonna assume ur Caucasian(white) when did ■■■■■ become cool to say?

This thread is almost as bad as the fort McMurray wildfire. I’m out

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is that a sentence?.. me confused

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Calm down and enjoy this GIF :joy:


if this has offended you please flag it. then we know you are serious and will act on it.

NOTE TO EVERYONE: we should not to use certain words that offend people directly, generally things that describe the colour of skin, race of a person, sexual preferences etc…

funny how a thread about other threads getting heated is getting heated hahaahah


Personally, i find that seeing you swear and act how you truly are @onloop makes me like you even more and gives me a greater sense of trust. Shows that you aren’t being fake and putting up a false front for your business.

I like it, keep it up.


i went to move this little argument out of the thread it started in, but then i realised there was nowhere to put it… so i created a dedicated thread for us to argue in :slight_smile:

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