FS new red ember 44 with fiberglass enclosure

I paid $480 for it. Selling for 300 will post pics later today. It’s in new condition though so it looks great. Eboards Peru enclosure

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Potential scammer, you have been warned.


Yup, this jerk ripped a guy off on the other forum:

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Drama, no matter the era.

Sir billingham has made a triumphant return.

Still upset over your banishment, little guy? :joy:


You know what’s funny about your response? It’s the fact you think I’m upset. Man I wish I was this retarded. I would had hanged myself for being a sensitive failure. “What a gay thing to say”.

I actually forgot about the retardation of the other forum… until you decided to say this, and it brought back hilarious memories.

Thanks for that.

Here’s a word of advice: learn to forgive and forget, it saves you the trouble of causing more enemies.

Edit: other than your retarded response, how’s the other forum? I have been telling others to join it, but I also told them to be careful with their words.

This person is posting a sale listing that breaks all the forum rules & norms (no photos, no location) and this person is a known scammer.

You have been warned.


You seem to have a preternatural interest in that word…wonderfully revealing.


I have more toes than you have brain cells. One of them was bitten off by @BillGordon so it’s about 9 brain cells.


Still angry over his banishment, didnt even read lmfao! Hope youre going crazy all alone within the confines of this forum…


You’re one to talk. How can you have the knowledge and lack the braincells needed for understanding? No wonder you’ve gone through a lot.

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Perfect example.

Yeah, I certainly didn’t read. Man you guys got stupid lately.

I also like the fact that I’m rarely on here and you guys still act like pansies. It’s crazy how you all miss me. If you’re gonna try and throw shots around, at least make sure it hits. It’s missing a lot.

Yes, I am. But your exaggerated, defensive, and personal reaction speaks volumes. I am sorry that your life has brought you to this point and I am hoping things change for the better for you soon.

I have no doubts that you will have some quick personal attacks against me in response to this post. I understand, it’s the last bastion of the desperate. It’s just so disappointing to see. Hoping you can some day rise above this though. Hoping the rest of your weekend is awesome too!

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Yes…yes…it is indeed always about you. Curious how desperate this post is too. Lashing out at nothing for nothing…surely you can see the futility in that?

Oh well, looking forward to your entertaining response.

You mean yours? Because in reality I was fine. I was actually laughing at everything that was occurring as if I was on twitter being attacked just for this beautiful quote:

“What a gay thing to say”.

My life actually has gotten me from where I was to being the most loved person. I actually enjoy when people assume they think they know you, verses the people who actually does and just live in that beautiful world. So to answer you, yes, it has been great and it’ll only get better.

You haven’t said anything bad on these two responses so I will respond to you kindly. Respond with something nice, you’ll get one back. :slight_smile:

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Umm…seems that’s not true. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t do that my guy. Keep it understandable.