Good Not Too Expensive Hub Motors for First Build?

Hey everyone!

If I sound a bit stupid, please excuse that, I am just getting into esk8ing and have been looking at making my own board. So far my budget seems to be 500$ CAD, so just under 400$ USD. I was looking at hub motors as I also plan to use this longboard as a push board in case I ever run out of battery.

I have seen a couple videos of some that include these, does anyone have any other maybe slightly cheaper options or are these good enough for commute to school and work?

Thanks for any advice


what batteries, escs, board, remote, enclosure will you be using?

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these should be better than the ones you showed but i don’t have experience with them option 1 option 1a Example

Those are among the cheapest hubs you can find. Seach Aliexpress for “skateboard hub” and you find also many choices. I found my dual hubs from eBay on about 120 EUR. They have same specs than what you linked, and they are good for max 36km/h with 10S. On my experience, those dual hubs equal one belt driven.

For budget that narrow, you are better using just one motor, since every motor needs it’s own ESC, and ESC costs money too. But then, i don’t know about your weight or terrain…

Edit: i have exactly those that grozniy linked :slight_smile: Edit2: i have 10S 40C 10AH aka. 400A continuous. Woah, never thought it was that high. Well the peak current on my setup is anyways around 30A :smiley:


and remember that you need a higher output battery meaning more in parallel or higher c rating :wink:

Jeancarlos. If you don’t know how to put things together, you haven’t read enough. For starters, read the sticky topics on forum.

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still have no idea, but i plan on making an enclosure out of a metal box or something, I might use this esc off ebay, all to be determined if something shows up better

i have been looking a round a lot more than 33 minutes, I just made this account to post this

how smooth of a ride to do you with these?

building a board for under $400 is going to be really, really hard. It can be done, but your first board will very likely go way over budget. Keep that in mind. That being said, the cheapest way you can accomplish what you want to do is to buy a meepo board and swap the deck for something a little better.

yeah im using this as a high school final project, and buying a meepo board and a new deck would not give me a pass

Find something different for ur high school project for $400 there isn’t much you can do to make it stand out or seem like you actually built anything, if you want a personal board with a $400 budget just get a meepo

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just make the deck and slap on some shiny carbon fiber vinyl

I’ll save you some time.

HUB: DIY HUB or MAYTECH HUB motor, if you pick MAYTECH then buy their trucks because it specifically made for their HUB.

Direct-belt drive: many options on HOBBYKING

Battery: zippy pack of 3s or 6s can be found on hobby king.

VESC: TorqueBoard would be a good option.

Wheels: 90 mm FLYWHEEL

Charger: iMAX charger

Now if you’re school has a 3d printer or CNC mill then it could definitely cut down the total cost.


Your desire speed, range, how much hills in the area, your weight.

I’m missing a lot of parts here but until you make up your mind on the specification of your board. I can’t really help you.

Maytech 90mm Hub motors are actually pretty good. The guys at Pulseboard tested them and found they can in fact take on 800W per motor. Any other smaller hub motor is not going to be able to take that power without literally melting down. An alternative to hub motors is to use belt drives, which are SO MUCH BETTER. We are talking better hill climbing, better efficiency, better durability, better cooling, better weight to power ratios, better full 'thane ride quality. They are just better and I urge you to take a look.

Here’s a blueprint setup for the drivetrain only:

60$ - Hobbyking SK3 6374 190KV motor 10$ - Hobbyking Motor mount 50$ - Caliber II 44 trucks 20$ - Hobbyking Pulley & Belt kit 30$ - 97mm Flywheel clones (not the greatest, but the saved costs are passed on to the rest of your more vital components)

That’s 170-190$ and trust me when I say you won’t regret the extra costs. This will provide far more torque than a dual 90mm maytech setup, which would go for around 250$


Edit: I am a fool

At any rate, what I’d do in your position is to go to the website that sells the individual parts meepo uses and build a board using essentially the same parts that go into a meepo. You can change it up a bit and you’ll still have out it all together, and design wise you’ve done the same amount of work as asking us for a partslist.

If you can, I would replace the SK3 6374 with a sensored motor. However that’s +50$ to the build

Another alternative if you want sensored is to keep the SK3 motor and include external hall sensors.

@lowGuido has done it before:

I never asked you to design an electric skateboard for me, I simply asked for good but not too expensive hub motors, you and PredatorBoardd are the ones that made me a part list.