GT2b Mad Munkey v1 Enclosure **NOW READY FOR DOWNLOAD**

But wait, putting those things together is pretty LEGO-like. and if you read the Wolf built thread or better watch the pictures, or look a the pictures here, what’s more to explain. Maybe the torque-rates of the screws, or not to mix up upper an lower enclosure. And please, do not lick, or swallow the small parts, thats dangerous :wink::joy::imp:


I should probably use this as a disclaimer. Haha!

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your little button on thingiverse fits perfectly into my ear !!! I will try a bit more and tell you where else it would fit, Ok

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@Maxid pointed out his battery is longer than the GT2b battery I have. The GT2b and 800mah spare batteries I use are from



I am curious if some of the remotes are shipping with the 1200mah upgrade already in them. This was designed around the 800mah battery with no heatshrink over it. You don’t need the 1200mah battery, the 800mah battery lasts forever. Please post up if your GT2b came with the larger 1200mah battery so we can see where these are coming from.

He also mentioned the PCB on the throttle pot. This needs to be removed to fit in the Mad Munkey. The traces are easily tracked and is pointed out in the How-to video (that I need to finish).

Thank you @Maxid for letting me know about this.


First of all thank you @FLATLINEcustoms for this amazing remote. it feels so much better than the badwolf. You can just feel how much more refined the entire thing is and how much thought has gone into the process if designing it. I really hope this becomes the new gold standard for DIY GT2B remotes.

The battery was surprising for me as I did not even know there are different versions out there. I ordered the cheapest GT2B I could find and got one from amazon. The recess where the battery is supposed to go in the mad munkey was slightly too short so I made it bigger on a milling machine. However the antenna pcb now rests directly on the battery which makes the main pcb slightly crooked - no big deal it still works.

Couple of pictures: battery too long :cry:

antenna pcb resting on battery :cry: final munkey :tada: :heart_eyes:

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What the heck ist that ??? your are asking ?

I would love to make a version of the Munkey with the Steering chanel of the remote as additional break chanel for servo supported hydraulic breaks like trampa uses on their mountainboards.

In order to make this real and not regenerative breaking smooth and less dangerous i would need a long sliding poti to really have control about the break servo. The poti on the image is a standard 30mm slide poti, but 45mm would also fit.

What do you think?

I have no clue how you plastic printing guys work, so is it actually possible to combine this mesh.kind of file with my additional mod i draw in autodesk inventor somehow, and make it printabel. Or even better FLATLINE has interest in this idea and makes a second version with servo break poti, if ther actually is any demand for that ?? break control would be with the thumb and the idea is that the thumb is positioned unter the break"lever", and if needed has to go over it and push down. This should make sure that in case of goin over bumps you do not exidently break. So regenerative breaking is the method to slow down, but real servo breaking is to really go down ernourmous steep hills, and make point-breaks at crossings, or in city.

any more ideas on it ?



Are you still working on a mold or is 3d print the only option?

After riding with it yesterday and today i just want to give a quick comparison to the badwolf:

  • feels much more rigid. I just taped it together because I did not want to put the screws in yet - the two halves fit like a glove and hold fine. No wobbling like with the thin walled badwolf.
  • more throttle range - brakes as well as acceleration have a longer travel which makes for finer control. Had to recalibrate my ESC to make use of it.
  • noticeably thinner making it much more comfortable to hold for me.

Thank you @Maxid for the posts! Looks good in that white filament.

@Titoxd10001 I am working on getting a mold together.

Are u going to make a mold? If u do I’d use as hard a silicone as possible. Smooth-on does about 50duro. The two molds would have a lot of overhang and u want hard silicone. Polyurethane is a pain for a mold.

To fill it I like the black onyx stuff smooth on sells is super fast cure and strong. Task9 is almost clear and can be tinted. You could put lights inside.

I didn’t watch the video above but making a two part mold is good for almost any shape and easy. And fun

@Hummie I am working on the molded piece now. I am going to order black onyx unless I can find some to make it look just like the orange ABS I have.

Phew! I think I finally got all the video recorded and inline for audio overlay.


Are u selling those?

those are prototypes

Dang … U got more oranges than Florida


Those look sick!! :thumbsup:

@Pablo_702 those are what it took to get to the Mad Munkey v1 that is on thingiverse. They are some of the prototypes I put at the end of the video. But yes I can make you one. PM me if your interested.

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@Michaelinvegas got to keep up my game, trying to be the worlds largest orange producer.

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Thanks @Ulfberht

Haha that’s a lot of orange and I was trying to order some last week had to settle for yellow filament as everyone was out of stock guess you got it all :stuck_out_tongue:

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