Hazard > Hummie Deck & Hubbs, x2 FocBox, 12s4p 30Q (charge only) battery, Hoyt Puck remote

I feel like I’ve said this a lot lately, but I don’t typically post build threads anymore unless its something unique. The last 2 builds have been pretty unique.

This build has been dubbed “Hazard” because of the grip & speed, plus it lulls you into a sense of comfort and then you realize your going 35 mph…and that can be hazardous :metal:.

This is not the first time I’ve built on 80 +/- mm platform, but its the first time that I’ve felt it was successful. These wheels…mutha f#$%er, I don’t know where to start. They roll over debris like 100mm wheels, they are very cushy, soak up a lot of vibration, at 77mm wide they grip like glue. Excellent wheels.

I really hope hummie gets an 83/77mm Centrax wheel with a usable core, its a game changer. I even have a set on one of my push boards.

On to the build pr0n!

IMG_20181119_213157_1542685130312 IMG_20181119_213403_1542685077690 IMG_20181119_213339_1542685102382

Here’s the build sheet, If anyone wants links or whatever, just let me know.


This is a screen shot of the spreadsheet I use to define performance values. It’s not perfect, but I have tweaked it to my personal results and preferences. I’m not sure about the range estimate though. I rode 9 miles last night, had 75% battery left. I’m using a gear ratio of 1:1 so that may need to be adjusted.


Im running 60a motor & 40a battery and this thing hits 35 mph with my fat ass on it, so I am hesitant to up the motor amps to 100a. I am running sensorless FOC & set the switching frequency to 30,000 KHz per @hummie’s advice and it is quiet, so very quiet. This is the stealthiest board I’ve ever built.

The last thing I want to talk about, the power switch. I didn’t get a very pic of it. But if you look at the last of the build pics you can see it in the side of the board towards the rear. I stole that idea from @bigben. I’ll post a better pic of the switch later.

Its a 10mm switch, I used a 10mm bit from the outside, just barely angled up until I had a slot all the way through into the enclosure. I filled the slot with epoxy and taped it off until it cured. I know that switch isn’t coming out with anything but a drill :slight_smile:.


I absolutely love the split color on the front and rear wheels, just gorgeous!


Have you played around with amp settings much yet?


I have, I had some issues getting the brakes just right. At -20a they are just too soft, so I kept bumping it up (or rather down) and finally just put it at -60a and its a little hard now but I like hard brakes. After I get some ride time in Im gonna bump the motor to 100a and see what it can do, but I imagine it will be too much for me. I hit 35 mph last night and still had throttle left.


Lovely build. I’ve been trying to search for @Hummie decks because I like the look of them so much (already looking at build 2 when build 1 is finishing up). Does he/she have a site? Also what do you like about that hoyt Puck remote? Their site gives no info about features/why it’s on the pricier end.


Did you notice I used inserts? I figured you would instantly see the missing philips head sheet metal screws and rejoice :slight_smile:,


Sweet build

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Thank you :). @Hummie does most of his selling here on the forum, you can PM him for specifics as he is great about answering questions.

These decks, I have 2, are in my top 10 now. The concave is a little mild for me, but its very comfortable. The drop is perfect, just behind and below the base plate when drop mounted.

The Hoyt Puck is my new favorite remote, performance wise. I cannot say about longevity as I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks. Its got a really long travel, so speed control is greatly increased over most other available remotes. The construction is very solid. I’ve had one disassembled and its pretty genius the way they built it. Its just all around ‘tight’ for lack of a better word. The only complaint I have is the interface of the wheel pin to the pot is a little weak, but a drop of epoxy and that problem is gone.


Of course I noticed! That build looks just awesome!

I can’t freggin wait to try that beast!

So -60 motor, what about regen?

How smoothe is the startup on FOC sensorless?


I second this for sure. However, Hoyt is now reinforcing said piece with epoxy before shipping, so it should be of absolutely no concern!


I’ve got regen at 40a per FocBox, 80a battery max total. I thought about upping it a little to see if that changed brake performance, but honestly I’m pretty happy with the brakes now and don’t like to throw more amps at the pack than it can handle.

Startup is great with sensorless FOC, its just like it has sensors. That being said, if you pointed slightly uphill and just stand and hit the trigger, you have to hit it pretty good or it just stutters. I kick off most of the time anyways, it takes more juice to get those first few RPM’s than almost anything else, so saves a lot of battery.


I didn’t know that, good on them. I talked to Edwin about that, I hadn’t realized they were making changes to correct it.

Yup, this is how they are reinforcing the prongs. It is exactly what I did on mine.


It would be fine without it, but it is a good place to add a bit of robustness.

That’s exactly what I did too. I couldn’t fix one as the piece is missing in action, but I preemptively reinforced the one I have now.

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The board looks amazing.


@mmaner amazing build! I love it when ppl get creative with grip tape. This is one of the coolest grip tape designs I’ve seen! Builds like this make me unsatisfied with my plain old arbor board lol.

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I love arbor decks, I currently have 2. A Sizzler Groundswell & a Dropcruiser Flagship. Its hard to mess with the beauty of those decks :slight_smile:.

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True! The grass is always greener lol. I love how arbor shows off the wood instead of hiding it away.

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Could you share that spreadsheet template, i have one but its nowhere as nice so please let me steal it thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Love that griptape, sweet build man

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