Huge lot of eskate parts including VESC components for sale

Huge lot of VESC parts for sale. I have all the individual pieces as well as OshPark circuit boards. I can sell the pieces individually (replacement parts to fix your VESC), as a set to build your own VESC, or if you want all of one component. Everything is new and has not been used. Just let me know what you are looking for!

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photos, prices, and location are required on sale listings

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I have so much stuff it would take a long time to take pictures of each individual item. Here are some pictures of what I have…this is just the tip of the iceberg. If anyone would like to see something specific, I’d be more than happy to take multiple pictures of that item. Most all the VESC components are from either Digi-key or Mouser and most things are still in their original packaging. The PCBs are from OshPark. Pricing will vary depending on whether you want/need just a few of one item or if you want the entire reel. I’m willing to make a good deal with someone who’s interesting in buying a large lot.

Besides VESC components, I also have ceramic bearings and non-ceramic bearings, connectors, belts of different sizes, pullies, Buck trucks, Ronin trucks (paint has been stripped off so that they are just steel), remotes, spacers, and so much more.

Some highlighted items are: ***Trampa Infinity ATB mountainboard trucks (with wheels)(brand new) - $150.00 ***6374-200KV Outrunner DC Motors, stainless steel, SK3 with a machined keyway(brand new) - $100 I have 13 of these available ***Ollin drive train (slightly used, including Popoca wheels) - $375

If you would like more info or pictures on anything, please let me know.

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What country are you in?

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Yeah for real!

@NMSkate Do you have any DRVs?

I’m interested in the build your own VESC kit, seems like a fun SMD practice tool that might actually be useful if it works.

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I am in the USA

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I’m sure I have some DRVs. Let me check the shop today on the quantity and I’ll get back to you with some pictures too.

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What size belts are those?

For example, “275-5M-15” would be 275mm long (55 teeth), HTD5M tooth profile, 15mm wide

Do you know the Kv of that motor?

  • Massive list of parts
  • Ollin branded stuff
  • Tons of VESC v4s
  • Oshpark PCBs
  • “NM” Skate


  • Melissa

It’s @Chaka’s old inventory!

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Here are all the belt sizes I have. I have multiples, so just let me know which ones you want and many many of each. 110XL, 180-5m, 270-5m, 280-5m, 290-5m, 295-5m, 300-5m, 305-5m, 310-5m, 315-5m, 1350-5m, 1375-5m

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The motors are 200KV


I have 13 DRVs left. They are MFR# DRV8302DCA


Hmmm, I’m looking for DRV8301.

Can you tell me more about the VESC set?

I have most of the components to make your own VESC for those that are ambitious. I have 2 types of PCBs. One takes the direct fets and the other does not. If interested, you can let me know which one you want and I can piece together as many as the parts as possible. I have some individuals asking for specific VESC components, so I might run out of certain piece. I should be able to get 90-95% of all the components necessary.


If anyone is interested in the 200KV motors (see pictures above), I would be willing to sell them for $65 + shipping

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I also have a lot of 15 and 16 tooth pulleys. $10 +shipping

I have 2 dead bamboo gt both have new battery upgrades need the bms and est NEED HELP !!! Shawn 613-890-7335 [email protected]

I don’t have any that are built but you can get the components to build yourself if you are interested in that.