Let's argue about metric verses imperial

Here’s your place to argue about metric verses imperial, yay!


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Gonna be honest, even though I read the whole thing I went in one neuron and out the other. But I totally support an industry standard.

No kidding dude XD

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tldr :no_mouth:

This is excellent news.

A standard for hanger size is very long overdue. So much less headache that way :+1:

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It’s a good post. You’re onto something… bigger picture. I applaud your passion.

I agree with @Jedi - this needs to be a thing. Don’t delete the thread ffs.

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The more standard hanger easier to make mounts and etc :slight_smile: Does anybody knows the length of this new hanger from TB?

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@squishy654 Are the Hobbyking trucks .75"? How come you don’t use them with your builds? I’m using them, no complaints, gotta swap bushings though.

Queen pins on a 220mm esk8 truck with standardised dimensions would be fantastic


I like your passion and fire man, as I told you so many times before. You put time and thought into this which is commendable, right on dude!

Now there are two things I would like to touch upon.

1.) Metric-system. Well it is true that most skateboard related stuff is still in Imperial units. That is if you go trough generic equipment. Specialized hardware, such as trucks, are in metric. Most leading truck companys (in the donwhill world) gladly incorporated the metric system. Since it would be super weird to point out the differences between 154-164 hangers to 144- 154mm. Or 5mm, 2.5mm or 0mm rake.

I agree with @b264 here: But I think it is generally a silly argument. Everything that is taken seriously enough to be used and thought around the world is metric. Never ever saw a published scientific paper at uni in the last 10 years that mentioned any NON metric unit…

2.) precision trucks for esk8ting:

UGh, im really not sure how I should start this without sounding like a complete asshole, I will try nonetheless.

In longboarding there are so many banger parts that are crazy value for the money spent. Not only because they are more sound in design and quality but it reaches more precisely what you want out of it.

A truck is only so good as it suits the users intentions and appliance.

E.g: Me, donwhill oriented leaning towards racing. I want 20-25 degrees in the back. 45 degree max. in front. Some 5mm rake up front for lean and dive. 2.5mm rake for slight under steer for more grip in turns. Ideal hanger width of 160mm.

So throw some Katana cast trucks at me and I will love them, switch it up with Rogue cast or in my case save some cash for Katana billets and I am one happy man.

Put me on sabre, paris savants or god forbid on gull wing sidewinders and I will hate every second of it.

What I am trying to say with this is don’t limit your horizon to esk8. Take the whole mountain of knowledge, experience, blood sweat and tears that the donwhill community accumulated and cherry pick out of it that suits YOU. As soon as you get into high performance in anything really the differences become bigger within a category than smaller.

So am I for a standard? hell no ? Am I for more options ? hell yess. That would mean everyone gets a more ideal ride out of it.

Finally about the “precision” part. Esk8ts are already super expensive. While precision trucks are indeed sick and sexy as fuuuq, I don’t think they are necessary for eskating in general. (some cases excluded). You need to push your cast trucks (such as rogues, bear kodiaks etc.) extremely far to need a precision set. Even though I try ma heart out to push my esk8 riding closer and closer to my donwhill discipline I am still galaxy’s away. There is simply no need for them, as we are operating in areas where and optimized set up to your style and liking (angle, rake, width and bushing set up) is more of an optimization that a “standard” precision truck could ever be.

Ps: Just from the point fo your skating hardware, it will be the last thing to limit you in pulling of crazy stuff. Skill super seeds high-end stuff until the upper upper echelon of riders… (you don’t need 500hp, race slicks etc for your car. You cannot ever use it properly and maintenance and cost is a bitch.)


I still use metric and prefer metric… It will be 19mm but it’s not far off of from .75". So either clamp should fit fine for both.


Could you hit us up with latest hangers? :stuck_out_tongue: We would make mounting hubs our drive trains :slight_smile:


@Kug3lis Sure… I want a drive train too lol I’ll msg you when we get closer.


If you still have contact with them. Ask them If they are every at an IDF race or any DH event really. Remember for ever ago our discussion where you said, I had to try them since I disliked their original suspension truck so much.

I’d be interested to hear some of the science behind this, 19mm is a pretty damn thick cross section considering precision’s are already heavier than their cast counterparts and due to the grain structure are stronger.

IMO the only use for trucks like these would be in be in extremely high end boards where 6000W is driven through the rear wheels.


It’s lighter!

image image


Like this guy? LoLz 212lbs (96kg) checking-in and I broke a kingpin 2 weeks ago…