New Hummie Hubs!

Looks amazing! Maybe I’ll try to pour my wheels some day but it’s a lot of equipment and work :frowning: Don’t keep us waiting and show them in action :smiley:


Won’t these deform when the motors heat up? Especially when traveling at high speed for x amount of time?

Raptor hubs had this and they now have a core over which the thane is glued on or something.

the rubber will soften at higher temp but as long as the core doesn’t crack or stretch the mass of rubber has shown to be unaffected in the past. the mass of rubber is pretty buffered by the core which isn’t thermally conductive but the mass of soft rubber will have problems if it hits about 170f. That is this rubber specifically with 75 duro and rebound which we hope works out and there’s also some slightly harder lower rebound stuff that is high heat resistant as the fall-back plan. be testing this stuff as soon as spot weld and plug it all.


So there already is a core. That wasn’t clear to me. Nice. Looking forward to seeing these guys in action. Can’t wait to see a comparison between hummies, carvons, and raptors.

Yeah I thought I saw a difference in the core and the outside…maybe I’m mistaken, as I frequently am

We said long before the raptor was realease that they needed a core. Jason didn’t listen to us, and advetually decided he needed a core. So far, nobody has made a good core that last though. So it’s a lot of trial and error.

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Looking sweet!!! :muscle::+1:


I’m rigid.

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Is it not bolted on yet?

As long as the thane isn’t :grin:

This is the softest stuff, supposedly very similar to Abec centrax.

And no bolts, just the plate. Booting down today and riding.


Any chance you will be able to get the urethane to color match the centrax wheels?

yea i’ll do that soon, but it’s a pain at this point doing such small quantities.

these are similar to the abec in that they have 75percent rebound, these are also 75 duro

I personally don’t care at all what colors they are…just make those motors! Encouragingly^

the motors are no sweat but repeatedly the vacuum pumps are a problem and even this third pump I have is having problems! trust me I want to get these out as soon as possible.

what’s that LCD screen for?

voltages of all the cells

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love it. is that the deck you guys are making?

gave up making decks but I have one made in china you can find if you search for “new carbon and wood deck for sale” and evohyax has another deck he is in the works of selling I think