Teemo board, $249, cheap, pretty, do you like it?

well you didn’t let any of us here review it so… :thinking:


It looks like it only has 2 longboard wheels. :confused: 4 longboard wheels is much, much better.

My #1 and #2 most important criteria are both “Reliability”. This looks just like a Meepo or Harvoo or Ownboard or Wowmeepgo or Wowgo or Hyperboard.

What happens when I ride through brine and broken glass with this? Would you like me to test it?

Would you like my sister to test It? She has professional camera gear and rides a longboard for almost a year she is very enthusiastic It’s the type of board she would dream about having If interested PM me.


Why are cheap boards always ugly AF?


Teemo, Meepo, Wowgo, Crapgo, just wondering what’s next? Browsing on Diyeboards website and selecting a few of their components, make up a name that ends with an o, add some Boosted design just requires zero talent.


$110 shipping to the US

I’m rather sick of seeing these china clone companies what is you USP? oh right you have none


I will say my Meepo was a great deal for what I paid for it, as a board to have for friends to ride. The hub urethane is junk, but other than that it’s ok, has great torque for climbing hills, and nice and powerful brakes.

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Yeah I’m with @sk8l8r You should try to provide something different.

But they changed the logo on the griptape!


They chose the best of 4 options from the Manufacturer

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and even that looks like it was generated via an app along with name hehe

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This gets kinda annoying though, this is just shameless self promotion they ain’t looking for anything else though :confused:

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Hey send me a board… I’ll review it for you :+1:

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I wonder…is there a count of how many companies are making the same board now? I know of at least 5 companies making THIS board, different grip and nothing else.


What makes me me mad more than anything is that these companies must think we’re stupid, like we aren’t gonna notice it’s a clone, and we aren’t gonna notice it’s cheap quality. Everyone on here builds their own boards. We know shitty quality when we see it.

That and they fact that they treat this as an ad board. It’s a builders forum and spamming ads adds nothing to the community!


Probably all from same factory on alibaba

Just another rebrand lol

The fun thing with your comment is the fact that “Teemo” is a character from LOL the game.