[Text Responses] No words…just pictures delete words!

Definitely looks like a short and though it pains me to say it because hes been picking on me lately, I think hes right on the money :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Beautiful Build

What wheel pulleys are you using?

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That was build over 2 months ago haha. Just posted pictures of my recent updates on the build :slight_smile:

Wheel pulleys And motor mounts are torqueboard’s!


I thought I recognized the build :rofl:

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No shorts I checked everything also this set up has been tested and ridden before the only difference was the new loop key set up I plugged in.

Do you have a photo of everything as it was when you plugged-in the loopkey? Or any photo of how things were connected?

I think the real question people should be discussing is how to prevent something like this from happening in the future; not only for you, but others as well. Was your cutoff voltage set too high? Or did you somehow have a massive voltage sag occur? When my board is about to run out of power I can’t even go that fast (or fast at all), and when it does cut out it’s in free-roll mode, so it doesn’t suddenly lock up or anything.

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Oooh la la, what are your plans @Sender


I am not entirely sure yet.

I am thinking MBS, etoxx gear drive 6380 motors 12s…top mount.

Open to suggestions.


Sounds like a great plan.

I like top mount, that’s new for you?

Lipos or 18650s?

What etoxx gear ratio?


Gotta build and learn to ride this thing by Thunder in the mountains!


Helical don’t know which gearing yet


Yes it is. New to MTB.

I was thinking two 18650 batts that are quick removable to have good range but keep it a little lighter?

I want to do like a picatinny rail system and clamps on the bottom of the battery boxes.


I have everything taken apart right now. But I did test with my TB12s4p and it turned on like normal no shorts in the set up, the Master Focbox failed, I’m in the process of checking the fault code, it has a red light constant blinking. I’m hoping it was just the drv that blew. I don’t smell any burned electronics. The other 3 Focbox don’t have red lights but I can’t test them till I hook them up to the PC one by one cause they are all set up as slaves.

Kinda sad now cause single Focbox are no longer available. :frowning: I hope it’s fixable.

Oh LoL @onloop you still have the link above for FOCBOX


Nice!!! How much did it cost? Do you have a link to a shop selling this? Is their online shop up now?

Wasn’t that you, @b264 and I having that convo about the ones you sent me?

And folks, they’re not fake. They just aren’t the xt90s.

What’s what now?

Wasn’t me, but the real ones say “amass” on them


Thanks @Surfer.

First ride on the haya deck and it feels really good. Excellent surface area for you to have a nice wide stance for us 5ft9’ers and over. Deck has practically zero flex but the wood itself feels bouncy so even though the deck is stiff the ride is not. Also feels great due to them ronin trucks and looks really nice and stealthy due to them hub motors.