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Ditch PPM, use NRF, remote never fails, has been around for several years. Even OpenSource (by vedder). People twist thier arms to get away few bucks cheaper on a china ppm, then come back complaining about reliability. never ending story


Uhhh, no. PPM/PWM is reliable as hell, just get quality components.


Such like mmaner ppm is reliable, The problem is the quality off the components that are used in the remote. I have no problem for paying 50 euro’s more of the quality is very good. I want to use a remote 1-2years not 1 week. + after 6 months those lipo’s inside the nano x are puffed that I must buy new.

My first nrf that i put together is 3-4 years now. Havnt had any problems. Paired with all my boards so dont need different remotes either and easy to unpair when i got a friend visiting

ok, so you ve had one great experience with NRF. That’s not a data set, so making bold claim based on one experience is not accurate. I’m not saying don’t use NRF, Im saying that PPM is reliable.

Said it before and I will say it again. The remote should be one of the most expensive parts of the set up. Its the only thing seperating the concrete from your face or indeed your board from a wall. For some reason the industry doesn’t put as much quality into its remote design in general. The price point has been set and now we complain if they rise above this.
Would you fly a $5000 drone and camera set up with a cheap ass chinese controller? Why then do we trust our lives to them? Big hole in the market for good bullet proof remote/receiver sets and hoyt seem to get this. Money well spent however expensive.
@DerelictRobot Get off your ass and sort this out man. :sunglasses:


His ass is attached to a bidet


Nowhere did i say ppm wasnt viable. I just responded to someone that clearly was looking for something better and offered my opinion. I own 4 nrf remotes. Vedder has a bunch of em in different iterations as well. neither of us ever had any problems. Not sure what fight youre trying to pick. I have a few ppms as well, but theyre on the shelf.

Not trying to pick a fight, trying to correct misinformation…

Why, you haven’t given any reliable benefits as of yet.

That statement alludes to PPM remotes DO fail, which is not any more true for PPM than any other remote.

Did they ever fix the cold temperature issues? I know you regard the remote highly, but thats a big issue for some :frowning:

Id love a puck… I just want safety features… ala feather remote :frowning:

Might have been abit unclear, ive ranted about this before so I might have been abit short.

My personal experience and judging from others as well, its quite safe to assume that some (not all) ppm solutions have issues. These issues i have, again personally, solved by using nrf instead.

The benefit would be that after 4 years of use, i had zero problems. (the extra features are nice too ofc)

And Id say that my statement can be interpreted how ever you wish, again personal experience and I know im not alone. Not sayin all ppms have problems or is indefinitely unreliable.

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This was an issue from the Preassembled boards not in the DIY community. It affects the cold start pairing of the board and remote wasn’t already paired

No, Im almost positive this affected the puck. In fact I remember something about (pardon my bruteness with technical terms) a thermotransistor being out of temperature range


yes it was ‘isolated’, but I dont check the topic much so this might be fixed, who knows :man_shrugging:

E: I stand corrected

I don’t have one but according to everyone I know who does they are a solid unit. That cold issue affects most remotes apparently. Something to do with the crystals. Above my paygrade though and living where I do its a non issue for me. The point was they have put together a very good quality unit which performs much better than most and for that you have to pay a premium which should be fine considering how important the remote is to any set up.
My futaba rc remote cost me 400 bucks. Range is awesome never drops out and has no cross interference issues. I paid this gladly for running a model car so why wouldn’t I pay the same for moving me around? Lot less painful when you experience failure during an rc car race than hurtling down the road on a plank of wood. Personally i use benchwheel or maytech because they have been the most reliable so far but still have issues that a bit more investment could cure.

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Yes, but it was only the prebuilts that had the issue.


Would be great if that would be true. I had a very bad fall a few years back with Benjamins open source remote like you can read on the Vedder Forum. (Sadly the forum is somewhat down and you can’t read everything posted there) It wasn’t just a disconnect with losing the ability to break and accelerate, but it accelerated to full speed without any option to stop that. A lot more scary than anything I have heard about PPM remotes.


Wierd, i had the exact same thing but with ppm. I bailed and the board went into a wall at the central station


No need to pay $400 to get a solid connection. The futaba 3PM-X costs around $150 and comes with the most dependable system they ever made (FASST). I had it before I got my $400 4PK-S and apart from the extra features the connection is the same. I said it before and will say it again. All esk8 remotes currently on the market are a sorry excuse for a remote, especially one that our life depends on it. I wish Futaba or some other reputable manufacturer (not you Spectrum :rofl:) came out with an esk8 remote.


I’ve got PCBs waiting for me at home :wink:

I’ve just been overseas for way too long with day job projects. I’m back Saturday though and have 2 weeks off to dig into OSRR!