VESC FAQ | How Many Capacitors & What uF

Cheaper & quicker to assemble and most importantly more compact. The various cap configurations that we are delivering are due to what was available from suppliers at the time. When we bought parts for the first 1000 we couldn’t secure 3000 caps of the same type. So we had to make some changes otherwise there would be more delays…

Its also worth pointing out that VESC 6.0 is adopting the same configuration of 2 caps… in my opinion two caps is the best configuration in terms of size, price and assembly time.

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on vedder’s site testing has been done by Ren and really there should be more caps than on there. Without enough caps the inductance of the wires will slowly or quickly destroy the vesc.

The FOC program especially suffers from the inductance of the battery wires

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The new upgraded vesc has two caps…

The beauty of DIY is you can add more if you need them. Put on 10 and see if you get better results.

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What’s a cap :frowning:


capacitor 10chararar

…but on the 6.0VESC they are much closer to the power stage…

@onloop just send them, as i said no problem with waiting. But if they come different as shown in the picture you lost 1 customer for the future. Already last time when i bought vesc from you, on your page they were shown with wires+cap soldered but they came without.:sleeping: When i buy things from other sellers, things arrive like they are shown, or at least there is a decent hint which says something different.

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Those caps look like they are on the battery power supply side, what do they do? Guessing they are only for the brake regen charging?

They “close the gap” for the battery to provide the VESC additional power on demand. Your battery cables may not seem long, but they are for the VESC.

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and please explain this. cause you still use the pcb and skip the middle cap from what ive seen on pictures. takes the same place in my eyes. just curious?

My VESC’s are here! But they are not identical… One cap / 2 caps. I am building the Dual R-spec setup. Should I be concerned? or good to go.

Just from the pics I have seen of them, I think they are larger diameter but shorter.

Look at the uF values on the two vescs. If the two smaller ones add up to the same as the larger one then they are qeuivalent.

No they aren’t, but should be fine anyways. no guarantee dunno exactly cause there are other values more important than Farad

This is what the first vesc looked like. One big cap.

You can use the single big 3300µF and put the VESC’s in Parallel to save some room in your build.

But multiple small caps are way better. Cause ESR decreases and thats more important than our Farad number.

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Hi, can you explain what is ESR and why it’s more important than the capacity? Thank you.

Sry i can’t… Equivalent series resistance - Wiki but i read alot trough ES and vedder’s forum, and that is what they told me there when i asked about caps. and the guys there normally know what they say…

Simply spoken: It’s the internal resistance in the capacitor. If you put resistors (with the same value) in parallel the resistance decrease. If capacitors put in parallel the capacity adds up.

So it’s better to use more caps if a low esr counts.

Hi, I did my electrical engineering course some decades ago, so I’m a little rusty regarding some concepts.

I would understand the importance of the ESR if the capacitors were between the ESC and the motor since the current has several different frequencies.

But since the capacitors are between the battery and the ESC their main purpose is to accumulate energy and compensate the lenght of the cables, it shouldn’t make any differente the ESR value.

Anybody can prove me wrong about my understanding. I have been proven wrong before and learned something new. :slight_smile:

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