Vote your favorite Carbon Fiber Deck with Integrated Enclosure

the board looks a little chubby! is that a 26650 version or 18650? maybe its a visual impression, because the edge doesnt appear slim, but thick & rounded like a big ship!

I also like the more rectangular shape of the original spud, because it covers the wheels completely - a great spray- & mudguard. my rain/winter board will be my spud for that exact reason.

p.s.: im stunned by the rate of 3d art you create! youre really awesome, i guess this is actually your profession?

It was a quick mockup. You are right! it was 35mm thick :flushed:

I always worry about wheel bite so slimmed it down. I never thought of the splash/ mudguard function.

Thank you white pony.

I used to 15 years ago. I am doing motion capture and key frame animation for games.

It is really fun doing it again I can’t stop modeling!:grinning:


Neodymium magnets


The World’s Strongest Magnets‎!!! Great idea!! I mean that’s what they say.

Have you used it?

How about a lid with a flush marine/boat slam latch? According to the description: Supplied with multiple backing plates to fit any door thickness .075" to .875" thick

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I will have to check this one out to see the size of it. The lid might need hinges with it. Thanks!

I have a decent amount of experience with these magnets in general, but not for this purpose.

I believe I saw someone who changed their raptor lid screws to neodymium, can’t remember who though.


I like C the best so far. I like the concave and the tail/nose kick up for accel/braking.

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I would buy a Jet Potato inspired deck for sure!

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Agree with @lever and you, this is best, and awesome btw!!

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The winner is Design C !!:clap: Thank you for all the likes and comments. Such a big help. I love the Potato shape, it’s my favorite part. Yeah?

I did some revisions on the design. It’s pretty close to the final.

Any comments and suggestion will be appreciated !!!

More renders.


DAYUM. That is one beautiful deck


So beautiful… it’s giving me mixed emotions :confounded: :heart_eyes: :cry:

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Limited edition glass version? :joy:


Take a look at “you build it, we skate it” on YouTube, there is an episode where they’ve got a glass skate.

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Looks really great! its 100% symmetric, is it? think you could start triggering massproduction and find quite a lot of buyers. also perfect fit with 10S3P & dual vesc, you modelled what many here probably had in their heads when were supposed to make up the perfect spud! :slight_smile:


Is it just the angle or is the alien board not symmetrical? Looks like there is a weak point near the front truck mount. Are aps still in business ? I like option b :slight_smile:

yes dude, awesome! i’m in for a deck if you can get this done, and maybe more for folks in the UK - what a nice little commuter!

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Very nice! I think there is going to be a higher demand for good working smaller electric boards versus longer boards. Il be sure to stay tuned

I can’t wait to put my hands on it myself. I’ll start printing full-size mockup of it to feel the size and electric compartment. I’ll keep it posted as I do.

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