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X7 - Jet Invasion Voyager-X | Evolve trucks | Dual 6368 140kv | Custom 10S6p 35E | Focbox Unity | GearDrive |

X7 - A board with a range of 138 km

I built my first board with gear drive 2 years ago, more on that here:

A year later I built another board, with a larger set of batteries, a modified drive and larger motors …

I wanted to build a long-range board that would look like a standard EVOLVE but would have above-average parameters (range, acceleration, speed)

Below is some information about this compilation.

Parts list:

  • Jet Invasion Voyager-X
  • Evolve Trucks
  • ABEC 107 and TB110
  • FlipSky 6368 140kv
  • 10S6P Samsung 35E
  • Focbox Unity
  • Benchwheel DIY Remote & Receiver
  • Enclosure Evolve 2 gen (2 pcs)
  • Bluetooth Metr Pro module and metr app
  • Gear Drive

DECK I used Jet Invasion Voyager-X because I had it in stock … and I don’t regret it, it’s sensational, it has perfect dimensions, hardness, concave, etc.

ENCLOSURE I wanted the Enclosure to be durable, hermetic and low, and I installed two EVOLVE 2 gen Enclosure, more precisely 1 + 1/4.

Battery I chose Samsung 35E batteries, of which I built a single layer 10S6P battery pack Theoretical capacity is 20700Ah (765Wh) Real capacity 620Wh, measured with a METR (battery discharge from 42V to 31V) I didn’t mount the BMS, it didn’t fit in the enclosure and in my opinion it is not necessary,

ESC I installed Focbox Unity, it works perfectly, I additionally installed the MERT PRO module, this is a phenomenal addition to boards, @rpasichnyk does a great job

Remote & Receiver I chose the Benchwheel DIY Remote & Receiver, it is ugly and not ergonomic, but works long on one charge and is reliable

Motors and transmission

The board uses three different drives configurations

  1. Racerstar 5065 140kV motors + Gear drive + ABEC 107 wheels

  2. FlipSky H6368 140kV motors + Gear drive + ABEC 107 and TB110 wheels

  3. H6368 190kV motors + 15/66 belt transmission + AT Evolve 7.5 inch wheels

The change of drive takes 3-5 minutes

I’m replacing the whole set: hanger with drive motors and wheels, motors have no hall sensors connected

Ad1. Configuration 1 - is the most effective.

10 - 11 June 2019 I drove 138km on a one charge

The board weighs up to 10 kg, I weigh about 90 kg, 100 kg in total, I drove very cautiously, soft start, minimum braking, I tried not to exceed 20km/h,

Data from the METR below,

I divided the measurements into several, unfortunately the first measurement has an error, I drove distance of about 22km (not 2820.2km :D)

The error was caused by breaking the bluetooth connection with the phone

The battery capacity is 620Wh Power consumption at a constant speed of 20km / h tp 4.2Wh / km, the theoretical reach of the board could be 147 km :wink:

Ad2. - my favorite (most used) :smile:

My favorite configuration is H6368 140kV motors + Gear drive + ABEC 107 wheels

The board in this configuration has phenomenal acceleration, maximum speed is 47km / h, range about 120 km

Unfortunately, the board’s range is smaller by about 12-13%, but the gear drive is quieter

The last addition to the X7 is the DAVEGA X telemetry module by @janpom… Phenomenal and very practical gadget

Ad3 - The most universal

I have a few boards with pneumatic wheels, but I wanted a board with pneumatic wheels and a large range, so instead of building another board, I decided to replace the drive in X7

I installed the motor mounts with idlers and 66t standard evolve pulleys with 7.5 inch tires

The range of the board in this configuration is about 60km

Of course, in this configuration I can use different wheels and belt transmissions but it doesn’t make much sense so I only use 7.5 inch wheels


Some amazing builds… well photographed too.

You didn’t say makes these gear drive?

@rpasichnyk please help to fix the meta app displaying on forum again.

How are you charging your battery if you’re not using a bms?

I use power supplies with voltage control


Would you mind explaining how you do this? i understand you aren’t balance charging. what voltage do you charge at? do you have to adjust the voltage while charging? do you need to limit the current going to the battery? Thanks

In the RD6006 power supply it is the one with the display, I set the maximum charging voltage and charging current. After charging, the power supply turns off

Usually it charges the package with 40V and 6A (40V is about 80% of the battery capacity) If I plan a longer route, I charge batteries up to 42V

This second power supply is basically a charger for the Liion 10S, the charging current is 4A, Like any “intelligent” charger, it controls the maximum charging voltage

Using no bms means cells will ultimately be unbalanced no?