Your very first functional board vs your latest board *pics*

So the title says it all everyone post your very first functioning Eboard in they’re roughest of forms. I’m talking like when they first started working before you cleaned them up and made them pretty. We all obviously had design flaws in our first designs but that’s part of this so post your first rideable Eboard.

Along with that post your most recent board with all the bells and whistles to show us how far you’ve come in personal design!

If your first Eboard looks like something out of a playboy magazine we all know you’re lying.

I’ll start, I obviously made it look a lot nicer after proof of concept! I started eboarding almost 2 years ago.

And my latest (still a work in progress, before I painted it and cleaned it up)

This is the thread to my real latest build e mountain board

I call out @longhairedboy @Michaelinvegas @Mobutusan. To show us your ugly ass first boards :slight_smile:


The 6S kit i got from Enertion a looong while back on a Bustin YoFace double kick deck.


Damn, that first one was rough looking. Lol. But you clean up real nice!

@barajabali I guess I’m gonna have to work on finishing up the latest pretty versions. I’ve been experimenting and tinkering so much that they don’t look a whole lot better than when I started, at least in their current states. But, I do have two ugly boards instead of one now. Does that count? :smile:

Haha it was rough looking but get this… That was before I knew about this forum it was before this forum existed. And I didn’t know about endless sphere either lol this was 100% me.

And post them! Who cares let’s see them!

The black deck with the criss cross grip tape… What deck is that? It looks a lot like a dropped phat matson lol

@barajabali Impressive, very impressive. I’d be lost without this forum or ES. I did rc stuff before, but never on a scale that would literally haul my ass around. Lol

@longhairedboy Eeeeeww!! That’s what you started with!? Lol, jk. Reminds me of Donald Trump talking about how he became a billionaire, and how he basically started with nothing…except a $1 million loan from his father. True rags to riches story. Lol


Not so fast… i’m STILL paying on credit card debt for that shit. I went through 4 flier clone ESCs in that loud and obnoxious metal box, a dozen high amp switches, god knows how many screws rattled out, two sets of motors, and had to wait two months while Hong Kong searched my lipo pack for smuggled birds. Ask @onloop how many times i emailed him back in 2014. He’ll probably just stare off into space as he recalls what a wretched customer i was. How else could i have forced him into an alliance? I tormented the man until he caved.

You guys know i have a day job, right? and a toddler? There’s no trump here man. Just dedication. I guess my marketing strategy worked lol



It was a custom deck i made back in the day! i miss that old thing it looked to sick. Might make another. I didnt press it just carved it and painted it and griped it

i like the look of it. I’m about to create a shape similar to it and my phat matson that has a longer nose and tail for larger wheel clearance.


Id be one of your first customers for it.

Im still waiting on my jacob hubs for that phat matson i bought from you a while back

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I love a popsicle stick . Can you Ollie on it?

Certainly meant no disrespect with the Trump comment. It was more to say that your first build looked like a million bucks. It had nothing to do with the fact that it looks somewhat presentable, and fancy on the outside, but is really all fucked up inside and a mess of faulty components. :laughing:

But back on topic, here is my first complete…

Which was promptly turned into this…

And the latest…(Always a work in progress)…


Ugh…I’m soooooo lazy to look for pictures :sleeping:

Get to it man lets go chop chop :clap:t2:

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Did you ever explain to the world the story behind that skateboard chair lol

My before and present day pics look similar but I got here around December of last year so it may speak more to the evolution of parts/information available compared to the guys who were building in 2014.


My first build … Ah the memories…this deck is no longer together…I’m working on a new deck but haven’t posted up yet…


I have not, but I’ll try to post the build this weekend.