Evolve Skateboards - New Board - GT Carbon!

On the plus side, I won’t have to change my motor tension when switching to AT wheels :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha I would have never attempted count their picture and I guess lucky I didn’t. I like the way you did it though

Oh damn! glad you are ok. That is going to be some awesome video. have fun editing that.


Don’t think I will be posting it. Although tomorrow since I have gotten no solutions from Evolve USA I will be fixing the board myself. So watch out for that video lol Maybe I might show like 3 seconds…

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No worries. I hope those 3 seconds are the money shot but I would be much more interested in a video of you repairing the board anyway. Please keep us posted about your experience with customer service.

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If it’s not easy to repair !! Try to transfer the components into wood deck and make your own custom Bamboo

No thanks lol…no interest in that right now I want to ride the board I paid for. The epoxy just came in and I’ll be filming the process once I get back from the gym. Also Evolve USA and Evolve HQ basically just said a replacement is on a way to Evolve USA so no worries if it fails. I got another BB d+ for $700 in the mean time so I can still do basic commuting either way.

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Evolve GT Carbon: Riding with bikes, Closed roads, and Hill test! [New editing style, feel free to give feedback!]


Repair on my deck is about 80% done so far…just letting the JB weld cure atm…holding up nicely, recorded it all. One weak spot left and I should be ready to get sanding and then laying down some fresh fiber tomorrow.

Now I kinda see why guys like building boards so much…when you spend time with something like this trying to improve it, a special bond forms (pun intended). It’s like giving birth to something new, or in this case restoring something to its original condition. Truly powerful shit. Lets hope by morning it’s all good :stuck_out_tongue:


So so rad

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Awesome, looking forward to hearing how it all comes (back) together. Congrats on rebuild!

A 2nd person from the US reported on youtube “battery error”. Could this be a weak spot on al GTs?

I’m curious to see where the weak solder joint is, my GT’s still going strong.

Uhm, hi. That’s me. LOL

Also it’s the “UART” connector on the chip if you take off the battery cover. It’ll force the board into slow mode and stay that way if it shakes loose. In my case, tightening that spot didn’t work and I just shipped out my GT today

UART is the receiver/transmitter so I doubt it has much to do with the battery error. Evolve probably thought it was a loose connection which made the remote give a false positive.

lol, thought i recognized the neon backpack :slight_smile:, where did you get that btw, I need a goog “please don’t run over me” sling backpack for nyc!

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They said that UART connection was the solution to every battery error so far :[