If you ordered a FocBox from me, I have some news

Thanks for your expert analysis… Let me tell you some actual facts.

  1. We manufactured so many FOCBOXs in 2017 the entire global inventory of MOSFETs where depleted and they still haven’t recovered.
  2. We are supplying University’s all over the globe.
  3. Uber is using the FocBox in their secret black ops projects.
  4. We sold more FOCBOX in 3 days than we would normally sell in 3 months.
  5. We are now frequently ordering FOCBOXs in quantities of 1000’s - $100k+ orders that we must pay upfront every few months.
  6. Before cyber Monday sale our customers enjoyed a period of around 4-5 months of being in-stock and shipping orders same day. (Suprsing how nobody talks about that achievement, it took 2 years & at least 5 different factories to make that a reality)
  7. We have established a global network, spanning 7 countries, of the best esk8 builders and esk8 entreprenuers primarily so that customers can get better products, faster shipments and also get amazing service. We actually make less profit doing this but we know the industry will be better because of it.
  8. We have had year on year growth in sales and survived in a an industry where many have fallen over.
  9. We are now going head to head with the biggest brand names in the game and our Skateboard is untouchable in terms of performance and features.
  10. We employ staff in 4 different countries.
  11. We have built the biggest community for sharing free knowledge.

Have we worked out how to always predict and supply product according to global demands? No we haven’t. That’s because global demand is not static, it is growing rapidly and forecasting against that is extremely difficult. When we can afford to order substantially more FOCBOX than what is needed to statisfy global demand we will have ample stock.

@GrecoMan - We have only just started… now Sit back, shut up and watch us become #1 Electric Skateboard brand in the world, probably by 2019.



Oh shit. Now i need to sit down. :clap:


Bahahahaha!!! You learned that in your bullshit 101 course?


Look it up pal…

we need suppliers who can fulfill orders of 15,000 MOSFETs, every few months, let me know when you find that.

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No, I’m sorry. They are en route though

Feeling pretty salty in here…


That’s 5 reels. If you could scale up to 10, you could buy directly from infineon with 28 weeks lead time. And much better price.



Big shout out to the various players who helped us out with distribution when China couldn’t deliver, we would be nothing without this community.


just shipped out all my orders. I have three left and i’m about to re-up again if anyone wants to get back in line that i refunded before.

somehow they were here when i got home. It was kind of like Amazon level after all.


@onloop please help


I heard Elon Musk used a FOCBOX for the Falcon Heavy. Truly next level shit. :joy:


Dude didnt the tesla have Enertion money clips holding the windshield??


Not complaining here, but are you saying that it cost you $100 per FOCBOX in production?

sound more than a thousand :wink:

Nah, actually on the Roadster 2. That’s why production will be delayed.


dang dude, those 3.5mm bullets must be hot


no, not saying that

Help please


Thank god I canceled my wheels when I did so I could get in on this delivery.

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I wouldn’t have ordered the charger if I wasn’t told they were in stock :roll_eyes: