Low Guido's hack board. For Science | now with hub motors

So I have been doing a lot of testing of different parts, mainly transmitters and ESC’s. That sort of thing. I decided that I should make a “hack” board. Just a board that isnt pretty and can easily swap component’s on and off of without any fuss.

So what i have done is plastered the bottom of the deck in velcro so that I can move things around however I feel. I know velcro isnt going to hold real good for any long period, but it will do for the purpose of testing.

As you can see its currently setup with a 6S zippy 8000 battery, HK150 xcar ESC, a wiiceiver with nyko kama and the motor is a SK3 280kv. But I have a VESC in the wings along with some other things.


hey awesome testing board! How does your hk 150 xcar esc do? i have the same esc but just in 120a.

Well. Part of the reason its on there is because I’m going to test it. Havent had a ride yet.

But, I have hundreds of km’s on the older version of the HK 150A.

well its raining out, so for now i’ll just add it to the pile.


my new deck arrived just before, same case its raining really hard downhere :disappointed_relieved:

That’s quite a pile!

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Well you can add these toro 150A ESC’s to the do not buy list.

Not only do they have soft power buttons that I hate. But they are louder than any other ESC i have tested under brakes, and here is the best part… if anything strange happens during your skate the ESC goes into shutdown. But not a nice soft shut down but a im gonna lock up the wheels and street your face kinda way. Not good.


Yeah escs without the head brake feature are way better.


I believe the expression was street your face. @longhairedboy can confirm

Unless you’re riding in your living room. Come to think of it, I’ve seen @longhairedboy do that as well :grinning:

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Street Your Face, or SYF for short, is in fact the technical steez-itific term as adopted by this community for unintentionally face planting due to unexpected rapid acceleration (faster or slower) of your personal electric rocket stick.

I’m adding this to the forum glossary now.

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ok that is seriously messed up. I would expect more from a $90 Car ESC that brags about cutting edge BLDC features.

I had bought a couple of those esc’s for my robot before discovering the vesc.

During our initial testing, we quickly discovered that we saw absolutly no start up torq difference while being sensored and un-sensored. Made us highly dought the sensor was actually being used. We contacted Toro about this issue but never got a straight answer.

Long story short, we canned these chineseries and opted for the vesc.

There you go. Fixed.

@lowGuido you have inspirted me. I think i’m going to throw together a box for Scarlet that’s not quite so thin and sexy but instead tall enough to try different things out. Line the bottom with velcro and just stick whatever i want in there to test to it and leave enough room in there for one of those gargatuan 20Ah multirotor lipos.

i wonder if it would be worth it to figure out some kind of data logger.


Well I have been testing a fair bit with these:


Quanam Tx/Rx Red unknown Tx Enertion ESC 4.10 batch 1 HK X-car beast 150A

I did another decent run with the Quanam. and you know what… Its alright. I don’t like the lack of perpetual steez, but its rideable. I even squeezed the trigger down fully for some 37km/h action on the long straights. the red one I ditched. I couldn’t get the thing to bind with its receiver so I chucked it. (aint no body got time for that)

I also just recently received these 2 VESC from @chaka that Im planning to set up with a dual hub motor drive as soon as my hub motors arrive from @jacobbloy or @Hummie (I pre ordered both for science)

I once again bit the bullet and ordered a pair of nyko kama chucks for $110 I don’t like having to pay so much but its the price I pay for steez. waiting for them to arrive so I can break one open and VESC the receiver.

meanwhile the stack slowly grows in the corner of my room. still plenty to play with.



I guess for 110 the nunchucks are wiicwiver or something. The one I tried without hardwiring the tongle was awful. Don’t know what you read but whenever I read about someone getting one I have to say that.

aint nobody got time for that is about the only news I have heard.

And now I’ve read the thread…id been sucked in by mention of my name. I was alerted! What a site. I like the Velcro. And I didnt like the sounds with the hobbywing150 especially the brakes. You will like the sounds to come. the vesc is everything I could want.

I practice my anti-SYF in my head on the bus…finishing motor rewind and waiting for vescs

@Hummie that $110 does not include wiiceiver! thats just the price of the chucks and shipping!

oh yeah I have tested the VESC brakes are nice and quiet. for what its worth I’m almost certain that the noise in the car ESC brakes is a noise that is “programmed in” to make you RC cars brakes sound more car like with a squeal. boat and plane ESC’s don’t have it.

well just got my mail and here’s what $110 gets me:

they are black and shiny. I have only had white in the past. that’s gotta be worth an extra $50


I like that you ordered both sets of hubz and two identical vescs: for science!

This should help a lot of people out because right now is seems like the way to go is either @Hummie or @jacobbloy, but there is really no good comparisons of the two… especially since they are both technically ‘pre orders’ at the moment.

I personally back hummie


well as soon as I have either of them in my hands I’ll make sure I share my results.